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Know how many installments you should buy with card – Installment Loans

If what you usually do is use the credit card for everything you need to pay, from food purchases to the purchase of a new jean, you are misusing your finances.

The credit card should not be used for common

The credit card should not be used for common

Day-to-day expenses, but for relatively large and considerable expenses, such as the purchase of a new television or to take advantage of any juicy offer that has been submitted.

But, if you still want to use it for all kinds of expenses, the next thing you need to worry about is how many fees you should defer those payments. It may seem that the more fees, the lower the amount to pay monthly and therefore, you can pay it without getting out of balance, but the reality is very different.

The more fees you pay, the higher interest you pay!

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And the discount no longer has any value. So it is always advisable to pay a single fee and pay the total at the end of the month, so you save interest. Involving your family in a common cause not only allows you to make a commitment but everyone learns the value of saving and when you reach the goal, you feel part of that achievement, because your satisfaction as head of family will be the greatest , I assure.

Therefore, dreams when they are shared as a family are easier to achieve. It is there where the house leader has the task of involving his whole family, adults and children, committing himself to the dream or family goal.
If the amount to be paid is too much, do not divide it into more than four installments, which represent a considerable interest but not yet too much.

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