20 Halloween costumes and brunette ideas for brown hair in 2021



Some costume ideas, like a fairy or a vampire, allow you to be a little creative with your interpretation, but if you’re trying to channel a specific pop culture moment, celebrity, or movie character, get the color on. hair only the right is the key. Because sometimes the smallest detail of your Halloween costume can make the difference between everyone wondering: “Who are you dressed in ???” or everyone complimenting your costume on the spot. To make it easier on yourself, go for a costume idea that matches your natural hair color, whether you’re redhead, blonde, or brunette. Or if you don’t have brown hair but somehow found yourself reading this article, just grab a brunette wig and take a look at the following 20 brunette costume ideas to see if you find one you like (we bet you will).

In the future, you can expect to find icons like Selena, Cher, and Audrey Hepburn, classic Disney characters, favorite TV shows, and more. So whether you have light brown hair with lots of highlights or super dark brown / black hair, keep scrolling for plenty of costume ideas for brunettes of all shades, hair types and hair textures.

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Selena Quintanilla in concert at the Houston Astrodome

An iconic look! Choose from one of Selena’s many touring costumes (like the one at the Houston Astrodome) or award-winning outfits and pay homage to the late singer.


Street Euphoria

If you don’t have the patience to apply all of the individual crystals for a Maddy Perez costume, these under-eye glitters are much easier and just as recognizable.


Meghan Markle in Oprah’s interview

This sit-down interview was a great event. You can dress like Meghan in a navy floral dress and a signature loose bun, as a bonus if you can sit in a wicker chair.


Samara from The ring

It’s been almost 20 years since this movie first came out and by now if someone flips their brown hair back in front of their face, you know your mind is going straight to this horror movie.


Dear at the Oscars

Very long, straight brown hair is basically a dead giveaway, but this matching gold number really says “DEAR” in all caps.


Ratchet nurse

This 60s nurse costume may look sweet and innocent, but have you watched the Netflix series ?! If you want a villain costume for Halloween, this is what you need.


The job

An all-brunette group of 90s grunge witches? I can’t think of any better group costume for you and your BFFs.


Behind his eyes

Here’s a smart idea for you: Go in a group and wear different colored glow sticks under your shirt to represent your “souls” for astral projection.


Wednesday Addams

When it comes to recreating the signature Wednesday Addams look, you need all three B’s: braids, black clothes, and brown / black hair.


Olivia Rodrigo in “Sour Prom”

You already know you’ll see a lot of cheerleader uniforms and sticker-covered faces for Halloween this year, so how about a little “Sour Prom” moment for an Olivia Rodrigo costume at the square ?



If you and your boyfriend both have brown hair, go like this 2001 Pop culture moment 2021 for your couple costume.


Nani Pelekai from Lilo and Stitch

All you need for that last minute costume from your favorite childhood movie is denim shorts and a cropped tee. Oh, and a little blue alien, NBD.


Beautiful of The beauty and the Beast

This Disney princess brunette costume is a classic. Some might say… a tale as old as time.


Mia Thermopolis from The diary of a princess

That Disney princess costume? Not so expected! Go like Mia before the makeover if you have a school uniform around or go with the after if you want to be formal with your costume.


The nanny

You don’t even have to copy a specific outfit to pull off this character as long as you start with big brown hair and flashy ’90s clothes. Emphasis is also key.


The Muses of Hercules

Gather all the best friends and play as this quintet of goddesses. Bonus points if you all can sing too.



I know you already own a green jacket, tennis skirt, and combat boots – or something like that – so as long as you have brown hair as well, your costume is basically ready.


Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

As we all saw at the party scene at Big little lies season one, Audrey Hepburn has a lot looks to shoot. This Holly Golightly outfit from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is just one.


Jackie Burkhart from This 70s show

If you’re dying to channel the ’70s for your Halloween costume, let Jackie be your inspiration for your outfit. Don’t forget to pluck your brown hair.


Domino of Deadpool 2

If you like superhero costumes, go for this badass character from Deadpool 2. Domino’s superpower is luck, but with a look this good looking, you won’t need it to earn the best costume.

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