21 Ways to Get an Ear-Length Haircut While Still Cute


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#1: Deep Side Part on Asymmetrical Haircut

Going for a deep part on an asymmetrical haircut is definitely a good idea. The favored fullness and length on one side will give sharpness to your overall look. Super easy to style with a simple blowout with a flat iron or bouncy curls to add even more volume to your hairstyle.

Pixie Edgy Ear Length Mule with Orange Silver Coin

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#2: Edgy Pixie Mullet with Orange Coin

A bold pixie mullet paired with an orange coin is a style you don’t see often. This unique look is sure to draw all eyes to you. To maintain the boldness, you will definitely visit the salon more often to touch up the silver piece and reshape your haircut at least every 6 weeks.

Voluminous layered bob cut at ear length

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#3: Voluminous Layered Bob Cut

The voluminous bob cut with textured layers is such a chic and chic style to rock. You definitely want to make sure you take the time to style this layered cut. This will involve a blowout to start, then use your flat iron to add height to the crown and sides, finishing with a textured hairspray to set everything in place.

Razor Cut Bob with Ear Length Fringe

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#4: Razor Cut Bob with Bangs

For fine hair that needs a boost, try a modern razor-cut bob with bangs. Using a razor will give a soft and fine texture to the hair, which will make it denser and thicker. Styling is a snap with a Denman brush to curl the ends into place.

Ear Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

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#5: Ear-to-Ear Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and want some serious height in the back, a stacked bob that skims the ears is for you. This short style takes tons of volume out of thick, dense hair, giving it great height and shape in the back. This very short bob is perfect for all face shapes and hair textures. Be handy with a hair dryer and a round brush, as this style takes some effort.

Cropped ear length angled cut with side bangs

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#6: Short Angled Haircut with Side Bangs

A short angled bob with side bangs is both a trendy and super comfortable look. Short haircuts are generally easier to style, making them a go-to haircut for busy women.

Short Ear Length Boxed Bob with Micro Fringe

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#7: Short Boxed Bob with Micro Bangs

For fine, limp hair, a short boxed bob with bangs is for you. Cut the dead ends for an instant lift with an ear-length blunt bob. Micro bangs stand out and give a fun twist to regular bangs. Use a Denman brush when styling for rounded ends.

Long Tapered Ear Length Pixie for Women Over 40

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#8: Long Tapered Pixie for Women Over 40

If you are a woman over 40, you will want to try the beautiful shape of a long tapered pixie. The sleek top and scooped ears and back create a strong yet classic fit. Try blow-drying with smoothing cream and a medium round or flat brush and this shape will fall easily. Eared hairstyles need to be trimmed often, about every 4 weeks to keep them looking neat.

Cropped wedge cut to ear length

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#9: Short Corner Cut

A cropped wedge cut is a style mostly worn by older women. Eared bob hairstyles make it easy to style and maintain. Short haircuts are also a great choice when you have your natural grays, it helps to avoid the yellow faded ends that you sometimes tend to see on long natural hair.

Side Swept Pixie Bob on Women Over 50

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#10: Side-Swept Pixie Bob on Women Over 50

A side-swept pixie bob will instantly make you feel young! This trend will give off some serious rockstar vibes. Styling your hair will be fun because this haircut is so versatile.

Ear Length Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

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#11: Ear-Length Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

A blunt eared bob with blunt bangs is a fierce looking hairstyle. Consider shoulder length hair with bangs if you are looking for a style that can be loved any time of the year! If you have straight and thinner hair, this hairstyle will be perfect for you.

Gray Wash-And-Wear Ear Length Bucket Hat for Women Over 70

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#12: Wash-And-Wear Gray Bob for Women Over 70

A washable, wearable gray bucket hat is classic and low-maintenance. Ear-length haircuts are flattering and will show off your jawline. This cut is perfect for a woman over 70 who is on the go!

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Symmetrical Ear Length French Bob with Wispy Fringe

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#13: Symmetrical French Bob with Wispy Bangs

A chic French bob with light, wispy bangs is a look that will make fine hair look fuller. An ear-length cut definitely requires more maintenance, as you will need trimming and reshaping every 6 weeks. It can cost you between $40 and $75 on each visit.

Long side bangs on an ear length pixie

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#14: Long Side Bangs on a Pixie

Try long side bangs on a pixie, if you want to hide behind your bangs and look mysterious. The long front and shorter back give this shape a strong visual impact.

Short hair is so easy to style, all it takes is a quick blow-dry with a round brush or your hands. This shape can also be curled for variety and texture and is suitable for all age groups. Keep in mind that a pixie should be trimmed approximately every 4 weeks for best results.

Ear Length Wavy Feathered Bob

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#15: Wavy Feathered Bob

A feathered bob haircut is an ideal look for older women with wavy hair. Its height and roundness will give you the confidence you were looking for. Its sleek and simple finish will match any fashion style you choose to wear.

Medium Curly Hair for Round Faces

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#16: Ear-Length Curly Hair for Round Faces

Ear-length curly hair will help frame and elongate your round face. An ear length style is easy to manage and is very flattering. Ask your stylist for curl-enhancing products to make your curls bounce!

Ear Length Straight Messy Bob with Long Bangs

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#17: Straight Messy Bob with Long Bangs

For girls with straight hair, opt for a messy bob with long bangs for maximum body. A classic bob with short ears is very versatile and looks great strait or choppy with a flat iron. Long bangs cover a large forehead and wrinkles and can be customized for any face shape. Achieve a messy headboard look with shaping wax.

Short textured bixie cut for women over 60

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#18: Textured Bixie Cut for Women Over 60

If you’re over 60 and have fine hair, try a textured bixie cut. You will add more fullness to your crown and face with a long bob with bangs. You really want your hairstyle to go well with your lifestyle and personality, if you have a bold vintage look, this will be a style you should consider trying.

Sleek Choppy Pixie on Fine Hair to Ears

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#19: Choppy and Sleek Pixie on Fine Hair

A choppy and sleek pixie can suit any face shape. This ear-length pixie cut is on-trend and low-maintenance, so it will grow out beautifully. For a shiny finish, try a smoothing oil!

Graduated feathered cut for thin medium length hair

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#20: Graduated Feathered Cut for Fine Hair

A graduated feathered cut is a great option for thin hair. Trying out this short hairstyle will help thin hair look fuller. Feathered layers will add extra volume to hair that needs an extra lift.

Ear Length Magenta Pixie Bob on Straight Hair

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#21: Magenta Pixie Bob on Straight Hair

Go for a bold look with a magenta pixie bob. A small pixie bob is perfect for straight hair as it gives incredible volume. A pixie can be customized to your face shape with a face frame or bangs to make you feel comfortable and confident in your new style.


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