25 best blue black hair color ideas to try in 2021


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At this time last year, I was standing in my bathroom with a towel around my neck, covered in red hair dye (RIP towel), and I was looking in the mirror, horrified at what I had tried. to do my hair at home. But can you blame me? The future of hair salons was blurry, and I really wanted to change my hair color ASAP (priorities, right?). Fortunately, I learned my lesson from this DIY dye job, and now I leave my hair color safely in the hands of a trained professional – and, apparently, everyone, too. Because over the past few months, a new hair color trend has suddenly popped onto the salon scene, and unlike anything in 2020, this one is insanely cool and fun: blue-black hair.

ICYMI, the blue-black hair trend involves black hair over the entire surface with subtle piercing blue undertones (or, conversely: blue hair over the entire area with black undertones). From bright blue to shades of smokey denim, the blue-black trend is all about customization in a narrow color palette, making the look even easier to wear for every hair color and skin tone. And for your information all DIY enthusiasts: While you can get a similar, more subtle blue-black hue from a boxed dye, this trend will be really best when it’s in the skilled hands of a professional, so I highly recommend you visit the salon. go instead.

Do you have it all? Good. Now, keep scrolling and get ready to capture one of these 25 insanely cute blue-black hair color ideas, below.

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Turquoise blue-black hair

The range of shades of blue in this blue-black hair color – turquoise, ocean blue, royal blue – is truly amazing and will definitely require the skillful hands of your local colorist to achieve it. You can have your ends dyed darker at the ends like this pic, or ask your colorist to keep the same level of brightness throughout. The best part? Since there are warmer and colder blues here it will work like a summer or winter hair color.


Sky blue-black hair

If you’re not ready to dye your whole head (small steps, I get it), ask your colorist to keep your roots darker (or downright black) at the top, then go for blue on the bottom half of your hair. The result? A cool toned ombre root finish that’s both shiny and smoky.


Teal-black hair

The teal tones of this blue-black dye job are almost indistinguishable, giving it a super bright blue sheen that still lets through a good amount of black tints. The key to this sparkle? Pre-poo treatments, like hair masks and hair oils, to keep your tips from fraying, breaking, or drying out.


Shiny blue-black hair

Bright blue is a great shade option to choose for your blue-black hair. It really stands out on dark undertones, which can be notoriously difficult to achieve. with bright colors (IYKYK). To keep your color vibrant, make sure your shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free (i.e. clarifying shampoos aren’t allowed, sry), and always, always use a thermal protector before styling. .


Black to blue curls

These curls are hitting two major 2021 hair trends: blue-black hair and blue ombre hair. With this short ombre style, the roots start off in blue-black and then blend into a bright, solid blue for a super cute and wearable result. The only downside? It will take a little bleach to arrive, so if you are not ready to dye your curls and coils permanently, try playing with a temporary colored wax instead.


Black-Indigo Hair

These soft indigo highlights are a great way to add blue-black color to your hair without going for a full color treatment. FYI, when it comes to a subtle shade like this, make sure to reduce your shampooing frequency every week to avoid fading (dry shampoo will be your BFF here).


Aqua-black blue hair

Blue-black hair is honestly perfect for summer, as proven by this summery aqua hue, which is essentially pure IRL mermaid hair. Pro tip: to keep that shade vibrant, start using a color depositing shampoo each wash day to help amplify blue tones and keep the sun from turning your coppery blue.


Teal and navy-black hair

When you finally head to the salon for your blue-black hair, don’t be afraid to play around with a few different shades of blue to add an extra dimension to the trend. Or just take a screenshot and show your colourist exactly what you want, being very specific about which shades of blue and where (like that teal that blends into the Royal Navy).


Purple black hair

This blue-black purple hair strikes the middle ground between warm and cool tones – um, ~ neutral ~ as they say –making it a perfect shade to copy all year round. If you are trying this look on curly hair, then try doing a hot oil treatment to infuse moisture into your hair.


Navy blue streaks

This blue-black hair has double the blue: gunmetal blue in the base and bright navy stripes in the top layer, all perfectly – and, um, expertly – blended together for a truly gorgeous finish. Bonus points if you also go for the reverse haircut.


Smoky denim blue hair

Um, can we just recognize that this denim blue-black balayage is actually gorgeous, and I won’t answer any other questions just yet? Since this look will definitely require a bit of bleach (if you’re going with a darker hair color), be sure to prep your hair with a deep conditioner in the days leading up to your appointment to start with a hydrated foundation.


Slate Blue-Black Hair

For this slate blue-black shade, tell your colorist you want shades of gray in your blue to keep it from feeling too bright and summery. The gray hair color here is what keeps that shade v smoky and cool, compared to the warmth and cheerfulness (which, hey, also looks cute, but not the ambiance).


Cerulean blue-black hair


Balayage Silver-Blue

This blue-black hair has an extra shade of silver at the ends, so if that’s where you start out, this look will be 10/10 for you. Since you will be working with a lighter shade towards the ends, a Purple shampoo to combat orange copper will be a staple in your shower.


Muted blue stripes

FYI: You don’t need to have black hair to get started on the blue-black trend. First of all, there is no rule against adding blue to your naturally brown hair. (Let’s make blue-brown a thing for 2022, yeah?), And second, blue-black hair dye literally comes in a bottle – see: Clairol Nice’n Easy in Black Blue or Garnier Nutrisse in Intense Dark Indigo – so whether at home or in the living room, the choice is yours.


Electric blue-black hair

If you’re not doing “subtle,” welcome to your new hair color. There’s no missing this electric blue undertone (and check out the black undertones!) –it will literally stand out in any lighting. And don’t forget to incorporate pre-poo moisturizers into your routine to keep your color vibrant and strands healthy.


Shiny blue-black hair

Heads up: You don’t need to commit to a permanent dye job to jump on the blue-black hair trend. If you prefer tiptoeing around the house first, first try experimenting with a temporary dye, which will last up to 15 washes.


Navy-black hair

Not only is this pic honestly all of my hair shine goals, but it’s also the perfect balance of muted blue and soft black, which makes it incredibly flattering on all skin tones. To get your hair as shiny as this, try adding a shine enhancing toner to your weekly hair routine, like DpHue Color Boosting Gloss or Overtone Blue Toning Conditioner.


Blue-black shadow roots

Ah, Billie. A true icon of hair color. If there’s one photo that will convince you to go for blue-black hair, this is it. Too, if you go for a shadow-roots finish, I highly recommend that you master some mid-rise hairstyles in advance to let those dark roots shine.


Bright blue and teal hair

Two things I love about this blue-black balayage: (1) how striking the black roots are compared to the brighter shades of blue, and (2) how the color starts a few inches from the roots, which means you don’t have to worry about the dreaded growth phase that comes with most hair trends.


Mint and Royal Navy streaks

Let me introduce you to the blue highlights, the happy medium between staying with your same old hue and going completely blue. You will probably still need a little bleach, especially if you are starting with dark brown or black, so get ready to whip up some DIY hair masks after your date to help restore moisture levels in your hair.


Ocean blue-black hair

The coolest part of blue-black hair is seeing which strands stand out best in different styles, whether you’re working with protective styles or curtain bangs. If dyeing your hair bright blue seems a little too fancy for your personality, ask your stylist to tilt the shade greener and in the teal category, like those waves inspired by the ocean.


Midnight face framing streaks

Not ready to commit to the full dye job, especially if you are working with already damaged hair or drier types of curls? No problem. These blue streaks on the face are super cute and give you the chance to play with blue-black hues at home with the use of washable hair wax, like Adofect Hair Paint Wax or Natural Hair Wax.


Blue-black bun

If you are looking to dye your natural hair, be aware that it will take bleach and at least a few sessions on the chair to get the color where you want it (to avoid losing your texture). So before coloring, stock up on your sulfate-free shampoo (like Carol’s Daughter or Nexxus), deep conditioners (hi, Shea Moisture and Kérastase) and pre-coloring treatments to prep your hair and make sure everything that touches your coils and curls is nourishing and restorative, without stripping or damaging.

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