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5 beauty lessons every Kareena Kapoor Khan fan can learn from the star


Kareena Kapoor Khan’s love for makeup comes from her childhood around beauty icons. “Wearing mom’s lipsticks, grandma’s mascara, being in front of dressers – that’s how I’ve always been – like a baby born to be in front of the mirror (and the camera),” said she shared in an interview in 2016 with Vogue India. This is probably why, when it comes to beauty, she tends to know what she is doing. If you’ve always found her makeup inspiring, here are five lessons you can learn from the star.

1. Having a make-up uniform might be a good idea.

It’s always fun to experiment with makeup. But when in doubt, stick to what works best for you. Scroll down to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Instagram account or take a look at her beauty looks over the years and you’ll notice a lot of things remain the same. “My personal style is all about comfort and a touch of minimalist makeup,” she said. Vogue India. “I usually wear shades of nude during the day. At night, I like smoky eyes and assertive red lips.

2. The outline of your face can be a game-changer

You can’t look at a picture of Kapoor Khan and not be in awe of his unusually chiseled cheekbones. The good news is that a little contour cream or powder could also help you define your own bone structure. Kapoor Khan’s longtime makeup artist Pompy Hans is a fan of Casino’s NARS Bronzer for Face Sculpting and recommends that you improve your base before diving into contouring, for best results. He ranks Make Up For Ever and Bobbi Brown foundations among the best for Indian skin tones.

3. There is not too much glow

In addition to contouring, Hans also suggests adding a touch of highlighter on the cheekbones to make them look sharper. Kapoor Khan, on the other hand, considers the highlighter to be a travel staple. “I love to highlight my cheekbones, so I always have a highlighter with me,” she once confessed. But you could also attribute her luminescent complexion to the result of a solid skincare routine. In 2018, she said she likes to keep her skincare simple. “I don’t believe in using a lot of products. Having said that, I have a basic routine. I use a night cream before bed that helps repair my skin and apply a moisturizing mask once a week. When it’s really hot, I spray my face with La Prairie Soothing After-Sun Mist, ”she revealed.

4. Salt spray is underestimated

Salt spray is a red carpet staple, according to Kapoor Khan’s hairstylist Yianni Tsapatori. “It’s on Kareena’s hair 99% of the time I style it. It doesn’t weigh the hair down, which is important for thinner strands. It saved us many times when we literally didn’t have it. no time and we have to rush to get it out, “he said.” All I have to do is spray it on dry hair, coarsely curl random chunks, and then put it on. shake it up and go. “

5. A little kohl makes a big difference

Kapoor Khan said Vogue India that if there’s one makeup she never gets bored of, it’s kohl-rimmed eyes. “I love it,” she proclaimed. “Everyone has their favorite look, and it’s mine.” Sometimes she balances it with a pencil stroke, defined eyebrows, and bare or red lips, and other times she chooses to pair it with an otherwise bare face. Either way, it draws attention to the eyes without having to put in too much effort. A tip to make your kohl-rimmed eyes look beautiful and last a long time? Blend it quickly with a pencil brush, then fix it with a black powder eyeshadow.

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