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A hairdresser takes over the Barrowford salon where she worked as a Saturday girl


UNE COIFFURE took possession of the salon where she began her career as a Saturday Girl.

Jo Wright, owner of Colourbank, Colne, has taken over the Angles salon in Barrowford and will now take care of both companies.

o bought Angles in her twenties but sold the business, while retaining ownership of the building, to Helen Burrows in 2001.

As Helen now wants to step back and rent a chair in the popular salon, Jo decided it was time to return to the fold and will now take care of both salons, which will continue to operate under their existing brands.

Jo said: “I started my hair styling career in Angles as a Saturday Girl and bought the salon in my twenties.

“But when my boys were born I wanted to take the time to appreciate them when they were young, so I sold the business to Helen, who has been running an amazing business there for 20 years.”

Ready to return to work five years later, Jo opened her own Colne salon, Colourbank.

The two shows have operated successfully independently for many years and are now united as one company, with two names.

A lot of work has been done in Angles to bring it up to date and a new beauty salon is currently under construction, ready to be rented in a few months.

Stylists also have the option of renting a chair in the Colourbank lounge.
Jo said: “I am really excited to develop two salons that are close to my heart and, while enjoying a little step back, Helen will always be in Angles ready to greet clients with a smile.”

If anyone is interested in renting the new Angles Beauty Salon, contact Jo on 07525 208723.

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