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SIDNEY – Estheticians Alex Eisenhardt and Heather Lengerich are co-owners of Shear Luxe, a business that is thriving in post-COVID-19 salon closings mandated earlier this year.

At the end of their term, they held a groundbreaking ceremony attended by Mayor Mike Barhorst and Shelby County Commissioner Julie Ehemann as part of their first anniversary celebration.

Their customers were eager to return.

“After the COVID closures, the only good thing that has happened to us is that we have been extremely busy. Customers say “I never leave without getting my hair done like I did during the pandemic, when the state demanded that salons be closed,” Eisenhardt said.

For Eisenhardt and Lengerich, the decision to open their own business and move it to Sidney was a concept they had been considering for some time.

“Alex and I live in Sidney and have worked in this industry here for 13 years. We are both mothers of three, so in order to have the flexibility to continue working and spending time with our children, we decided to open our own business, ”said Lengerich. “Sidney is close to us, and being close to our children was an important factor for us. We love our community and do a lot of volunteer work here so we thought Sidney would be a great place.

Choosing a location in the Vandemark Center adjacent to Sherwin Williams and Hemm’s Glass (at 1670 Gleason St.) also turned out to be a good choice. The couple said they found the neighboring business owners to be friendly. They’ve also been able to network with at least one nearby business to try and help grow their business – and grow it.

“Alex and I opened the store on August 15, 2020 and over the past few months we have expanded our staff so that there are now five employees,” Lengerich said.

“We may have another intern who will start soon. Most of our daughters are from Upper Valley Joint Vocational School, but we accept certified graduates from any program in Ohio. We didn’t originally plan to train young girls outside of beauty school, but we both found it to be something we liked, ”Eisenhardt added.

The show also hosts promotional events, just wrapping up their one-year giveaway, where Angie Frantom won $ 200 worth of Lanza Keratin Healing Oil products.

As new staff, with various specializations, join the salon, the types of services offered by the salon continue to increase.

“Some of our most popular hair services include balayage, baby lights, highlights and color fades. We are also starting to offer spa related services like microblading, facials and hair extensions, ”said Eisenhardt.

While it is important that new staff bring the necessary skills, all staff attend classes led by an external trainer to improve their skills and learn about new products. Two weeks ago, for example, they discovered new sweeping techniques, as well as the new line of organics from Anza that just launched and is now available to customers.

People from all over the country attend the big three-day Anza Hair Salon in Las Vegas from February 20-22. This year, three from the Shear Luxe show will attend their trainings, helping to add to the existing feeling often expressed by their customers that their salon is comparable to those in large cities like Columbus.

“It’s an upscale luxury experience, minus the premium price,” Lengerich said.

Visit their website at shear-luxe.business.site and check out their clients’ new hairstyles on their shearluxe1670 Instagram page.

Shear Luxe stylist Kenzi Voisard, from Sidney, works on Christol Roe, from Port Jefferson, at Shear Luxe on Wednesday, October 13. Shear Luxe is located at 1670 Gleason St.

Jessica Doak, of Fort Loramie, has her hair done by Shear Luxe stylist Alex Wisen, of Anna, at Shear Luxe on Wednesday, October 13. Shear Luxe is located at 1670 Gleason St.

The Shear Luxe waiting room on Wednesday October 13. Shear Luxe is located at 1670 Gleason Street.

Stylists Shear Luxe standing, left to right, Heather Lengerich, Alex Eisenhardt and Kenzi Voisard, all from Sidney, work on the hair of, seated, left to right, Cheryl Pulfer, Anna, Traci Brown, Lakeview and Christol Roe, of Port Jefferson. The stylists were busy coloring and cutting on Wednesday October 13 at Shear Luxe, located at 1670 Gleason St.

Shear Luxe owners: business is booming

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