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Ashby Completes Term as Fayetteville Trustee – Eagle News Online


VILLAGE OF FAYETTEVILLE — Greeted at her final meeting with a bouquet of spring flowers, Pam Ashby ended her term on the Village of Fayetteville Board of Directors this week already knowing she would miss her role as a trustee greatly.

Ashby ran for the board, initially sparked by an interest in what would happen to the property at 547 E. Genesee St., an address just outside her neighborhood.

“I was participating with members of the community to distribute information and going to meetings, but I wanted to be a little more interested in it,” she said. “Getting involved at this point seemed like the right thing to do.”

When elected, she helped lead the push by turning down Morgan Management’s apartment complex proposal for this former site of the O’Brien & Gere Industrial Building.

In the ensuing period, she points out that her work with the Zoning Appeal Board, Planning Commission and Codes Department is remarkable, particularly in terms of how they resolved various issues together while ensuring processes were completed “seamlessly” and “by the book.”

She also mentioned her role in organizing celebrations such as the Easter egg hunt and the Memorial Day parade, as well as her contributions as head of the village’s newly formed communications committee, which so far has selected a replacement design for the fayettevilleny.gov website.

Additionally, Ashby said the collaboration on the board over the four years felt like a “well-oiled machine” because of their chemistry and progress.

In love with the “something special” Fayetteville has, an attribute she sees in the way residents regularly greet each other, Ashby said she enjoyed talking with villagers at their kitchen tables as an administrator. “making the difference”. At the same time, her job as a hairstylist at Miracles Hair Studio on Brooklea Drive had given clients someone to confide in for over 36 years.

Although she considers the past few days on the board bittersweet, Ashby said she believes “sympathetic” trustee-elect Mark Matt has shown himself ready to take the helm.

She added that she may take another chance on the board in the future, but for now she looks forward to spending more quality time with her husband of 28 years, Nathan, as well as their son. in high school, their college-aged daughter and their oldest son.