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Best Hairdresser in Stanthorpe: NAME NOW


They can cut, color, blow-dry and perm, but we all know a good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold. Help us crown the best of Stanhorpe! NAME NOW.

Hi to all of our local hairdressers!

They do more than just cut and color. For many of us, they act as much as a confidant and a confidence booster.

Across the country, we seek to crown the BEST of the BEST local hairdressers. Showcase their superior skills, exceptional customer service and luxury lounges.

And the nominees and winners are chosen by you – their loyal customers.

In 2021, many of our small business owners and traders are among the hardest hit by Covid shutdowns.

Our Best Of series is designed to uplift those everyday heroes who help us make our lives a little better – from hairdressers to mechanics, from cake decorators to PTs.

Visit our Facebook page and name your favorite hairdresser and in which salon you can find him.

Nominations are open until 8 a.m. on Friday, July 23, and your list of top local hairstylists will soon be ready to explore. Then don’t forget to come back on Friday July 23 when the finalists will be listed in an online poll for subscribers to vote for the winner.

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