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Billie Eilish Shows Off Her Red Hair & More 2021 Moments


Between liberation Happier than ever, accommodation Saturday Night Live, and all she’s done, 2021 has been a big year for Billie Eilish. Now, she kicked off 2022 by taking her fans on a trip down memory lane, in which she revealed the red hair she wore briefly last year.

On Twitter, someone asked Eilish to show more photos of a particular outfit she was wearing. After doing a favor on her Instagram Story, Eilish asked if there was anything else her followers would like to see. Someone suggested that she let her fans give her random dates and Eilish then chooses a photo or video of those dates to share. Eilish liked the idea, so she used Instagram’s question submission feature and answered a bunch of requests.

On November 22 last year, she shared a video of herself dyeing her hair red, a color she says she kept “for a week.” Sure enough, in early December, she made her debut with her current look of black hair.

@ billieeilish / Instagram

Other highlights include Eilish and composer Danny Elfman posing in front of a statue of The nightmare before Christmas protagonist Jack Skellington during past Halloween, a Star trek puzzle that she and her father put together on December 27, and a seemingly post-sneezed Eilish with substantial snot hanging down from her nose to her chin on December 12.

If you want to see this snot photo of Eilish, find it below. If you don’t want to see it, do yourself a favor and stop scrolling now.

Billie Eilish Snot 2021
@ billieeilish / Instagram

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