BioHealth Plus puts a fun spin on hair loss


BioHealth Plus International has noticed a problem with hair loss in the Asia-Pacific community that has gotten even worse since the pandemic. While the brand attributes most hair loss to the aging population and increased stress among young people, it is also concerned about the pollution surrounding China and India. According to BioHealth Plus International, such hair loss issues will require more than scalp treatments or better shampoo, and as such needed to reach the right audience. The company decided to work with digital and social media agency Hashmeta to launch the “Take Control Of Your Hair” campaign.

The campaign which aimed to tackle hair loss issues managed to impress the judges and was shortlisted as a finalist for Excellence in Social Media Marketing at INTERACTIVE-MARKETINGMarketing Excellence Award 2021.


Recognizing the challenges, BioHealth Plus introduced its Trichoderm product to the Singapore market in 2018 along with its line of topical shampoos and serums to target people with hair loss issues. The key marketing strategy was to leverage the reach of live sellers and influential celebrities on social media platforms such as Facebook through the use of engaging video posts. In 2020, Trichoderm decided to launch a new product line, an oral anti-hair loss supplement for ladies.

According to the brand, marketing an oral supplement has always been a challenge, as it is not a product that is easily described. Not only did the brand need to raise awareness about the new product, but it also needed to communicate to the public the relevant issues as well as the benefits and solutions of the product when it comes to consuming its oral supplement.


As consumers increasingly turn to social media as a form of entertainment, BioHealth Plus International decided to use video as a content format to entertain, educate and drive audiences to purchase. The social media channels used were Facebook and YouTube. In order to generate curiosity and awareness of the product, one of the main strategies was to leverage the popular media publisher’s reach to broadcast to its target audience of women between the ages of 25 and 45.

Focusing on selling based on emotion, the brand and Hashmeta have decided to make humor and hope to reach their audience. The video aimed to target Singaporean women between the ages of 25 and 45. The video also used fortune telling as a storyline with the angle that hair loss would impact confidence and fortune.

One of the key strategies was to place the video on popular media channels relevant to Singaporeans. To ensure that its target audience could relate to the product, the brand decided to use broadcasts from YouTube content creators, Wahbanana SG. At the same time, the brand chose to place their video on SureBoh SG’s Facebook page to reach a wider audience. SureBoh SG’s Facebook page has an audience of more than one million views per month, most of which were Singaporeans, the brand said.


For the four-minute video with Wahbanana SG, the brand and the agency decided to come up with the concept of a wealthy woman, who tries to see a fortune teller, for more luck and fortune. The female protagonist of the video ended up visiting a professor of medicine who strongly believes in feng shui. She unexpectedly enters the room of the professor of medicine, Master Hairy, thinking that she was visiting a feng shui Master. Through a conversation with Master Hairy, he solves his hair loss problem.

The video was placed on Hashmeta and SureBoh SG’s Facebook page for a wider audience. Additionally, a 30-second video for YouTube’s non-skippable ads was also released, ensuring the campaign had maximum reach.


Through a humorous video campaign, the brand was able to highlight the problem to its target audience and provide the product benefit and solution. In fact, the brand believes that there is currently no brand on the market that uses this creative strategic approach and as a result, this is definitely one of their proudest pieces of work they have produced since 2018. , did he declare.


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