Biolage Expands Best-Selling All-In-One Line With Hair And Scalp Multitasking To Cleanse, Refresh And Style


NEW YORK, July 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Biolage presents the All-in-one extensions, an extensive collection of the favorite of hairstylists and consumers Coconut infused all-in-one multi-benefit spray infused with key natural ingredients for all types of hair.

The all-new extension of the Biolage All-In-One collection is inspired by natural ingredients and includes the versatile oatmeal formula All-in-one shampoo scrub for hair, scalp and the use of the body, and All-in-one intense dry shampoo formulated with rice starch.

The priority of healthy hair starts with the scalp, which is why the new all-in-one exfoliating shampoo is an integral addition to any hair care routine. A traditional shampoo may not be enough to completely wash away excess buildup on the scalp, this is where the all-in-one exfoliating shampoo comes in while gently removing product buildup, dirt. , excess oil and flakes at the hairline. Oats, one of the key ingredients in the product, provide gentle yet effective cleansing, leaving hair soft, smooth and shiny. In addition to oats, this exfoliating shampoo is also formulated with jojoba oil and castor oil, providing extra hydration to the hair. With a versatile, multi-benefit formula, the product can be used on both hair and body.

“We are delighted to expand the popular all-in-one collection,” says Mounia Tahiri, Senior Vice-President at Biolage. “There is a big movement for scalp health right now, so we wanted to meet consumer demand and create a line of nature-inspired, scalp-friendly products for your hair care routine that will give the boost. prioritizing healthy hair where it really begins: the root. “

“With multiple benefits and formulated with gentle ingredients, we are proud to launch these extensions that are safe for color-treated hair, can help create a healthy hair routine, and that stylists and consumers alike can feel great about. using, ”she added.

The all-in-one intense dry shampoo is sure to become a staple in hair routines, allowing all hair types, even the darkest of brunettes, to prime, refresh and deep cleanse hair without water . Formulated with rice starch for extra dirt and oil absorption to control buildup, this dry shampoo features a vegan formula that works quickly to cleanse and refresh hair, leaving no residue or streak .

“I couldn’t be more excited about these additions to the Biolage All-In-One range,” says Sunnie Brook, Global Biolage Ambassador and Celebrity Stylist. “I religiously use the all-in-one multi-benefit spray in my daily routine and it’s a must-have for all of my clients. The all-in-one line, and in particular the extensions, are great products that you can feel good by adding it to your routine, and they really work for all hair moments. “

The all-in-one product line is formulated to be better for the hair and for the environment, with key, on-trend natural ingredients and 100% vegan formulas, no parabens, mineral oils and no artificial colors.

The extensive All-In-One range is available in salons, Amazon and Ulta Beauty from 1st of July, and both product additions will have an MSRP of $ 24. Find out more about the brand new range on


In 1990, Biolage was born from the spirit of hairdresser and entrepreneur Arnie miller, who saw the opportunity to bring out the natural beauty of hair, palpable and full of movement. From its inception, the brand has been inspired by natural ingredients, such as plants, and is known for its iconic white packaging and signature scent. Biolage is recognized around the world as a leader in professional hair care, taking hair care to new levels by delivering high performance, professional quality plant-inspired products – and that reputation continues to grow. Biolage is committed to constantly improving its formulas and sustainability standards. We recognize that sustainability is a path of continuous improvement and we invite you to join us.

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