Blonde Haired Amazon Shoppers Love This Purple Hair Mask


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Whether you’re a natural blonde who’s gone a few shades lighter, someone who’s added some highlights to your mane, or a brunette who’s gone platinum and never looked back, caring for colored hair is big business. serious. It’s hard to find affordable, quality products that preserve color without adding more damage or, even trickier, restore smoothness after years of damaging treatments. Corn more than 24,400 buyers on Amazon seem to have found a hair mask that does both.

the Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask is a best selling mask which makes color last longer, eliminates brassy and yellow tones and helps repair damage by restoring moisture. The formula contains soybean oil and vitamin B5 to help restore softness to a wide variety of blonde tones, including platinum and even icy silver and white colors. The mask itself is purple (although the color won’t transfer to the hair) to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays that hasten the fading process, according to the brand. And right now it’s on sale.

It is also easy to use. To restore the color you initially fell in love with and restore some silkiness to your hair, wash it well and towel dry, then apply the mask from root to tip. Let stand for five minutes and rinse thoroughly. Most buyers say they use it once a week (although a few use the mask more frequently), and they couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I was platinum for [about] two years old, and it’s my favorite purple mask,” a reviewer wrote. “As good as it gets at removing brassy undertones and using it once a week keeps me ashy and fresh between salon appointments. Tried a cheaper product [brand]…but I ended up going back to it because my hair feels a little better and healthier with this one.”

Another shopper added that their hair was getting so brassy from at-home coloring that they were considering cutting themselves off from hair coloring altogether, despite their substantial grays – until they tried this mask.

“I had a little family reunion planned and was freaking out. This stuff turned my hair from a mottled orange to a silver blonde in two uses,” they wrote. “Not only that, I swear it reversed some of the damage the treatment did to my hair. I use it a few times a week and it’s worth every penny.”


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