Charli D’Amelio rocks big tunes straight out of the 2000s


Charli D’Amelio may not have been born until 2004 (I know, What?!) but as she showed us in her recent Instagram Story, she can easily channel early 2000s style.

Instead of the sun-kissed highlights that many of us seem to have these days, the trends are slowly stepping back a few decades.

Back in the day, millennials were rocking the curly wave, choppy bangs, and probably the most memorable style of all, the hair highlights and chunky highlights. And more recently, the latter has come back into vogue, with the latest offender being the queen of TikTok herself.

Charli put on her own take on Y2K hair streaks with a wavy curl, which originally would have been styled straight. This gives Kelly Clarkson circa 2003, with a modern twist.

Charli D’Amelio @charlidamelioinstagram

We like to call this trend the tiger stripe effect and if you’ve gone subtly, you’re probably wrong.

The young social media star is no stranger to experimenting with her hair and has even created her own trends. Remember the middle of lockdown (after the blonde silver coin phase) when everyone was dying the underside of their hair blue and purple? Yeah, we blame Charli.

However, we still don’t know if Miss D’Amelio dyed her hair permanently or if the platinum blonde contrast with her natural dark brown locks are extensions.

So hold on. Before you grab the bleach, you might want to experiment before you dye it all – a vital lesson we learned from the one and only legend, Georgia Nicholson of Angus, Strings and Perfect Snogging.

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