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Curtis (played by Sam Retford) became one of Coronation Street’s biggest storylines last year due to his relationship with Emma (Alexandra Mardell) and his sleazy behavior. He was later found to have factitious disorder, in which he believed he had a medical condition, despite not having one. Their wedding plans were thwarted when his lies came to light, but in the hour-long final episode of the ITV soap opera his name came up in conversation as his ex-girlfriend discussed a possible new romance on the cards.

In recent weeks, Emma has grown closer to Jon Spear (Jordan Ford Silver), who is the grandson of Ted Spear (Dougie Brown), whose death she was implicated earlier this year.

Despite being told by Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) to stay away from the newcomer, the Rovers Return waitress can’t help herself.

For obvious reasons, she didn’t tell anyone other than her accomplice in crime, Faye, that she saw a potential new love interest.

However, spending time with her sister, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) on Friday night’s episode, the beloved character decided to drop some clues about her new pal.

“You seem popular,” Amy said as Emma checked her phone because Jon had texted her another because she had given him the cold shoulder.

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“Not really,” the bartender replied as she ignored yet another message but Amy wasn’t going to give up on her quest to find out who it was.

“Was it Curtis?” remarked the youngster, Emma telling him in no uncertain terms that it was the man who had broken her heart.

Unable to stop herself, Amy said, “I know how much you loved him,” and it was clear her sister’s feelings were still there for Curtis.

“Well, love can’t survive with someone who can’t tell the truth,” she explained, leading her brother to think it might be someone else.

Emma explained that he was just a friend and by looking at the barber’s body language, Amy knew he was someone she might end up falling in love with.

“It can’t go anywhere,” Emma remarked as her sister asked why the waitress used Curtis as an excuse instead of telling Amy the truth.

“Because it’s too early. I’m still in my head after Curtis,” she explained before quickly moving the conversation forward.

As the sisters talked some more, Emma skirted the details of why she really couldn’t have a romance with Jon when she found out her brother was still seeing ex-drug dealer Jacob Hay (Jack ryan).

At the end of the episode, the hairdresser met Ted’s grandson and although she knew she shouldn’t be spending time with him, she enjoyed a movie night with him.

In next week’s installments, the couple will eventually go on another date, but it won’t be long before Jon learns the truth about his love interest.

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With the actress who plays Emma, ​​Alexandra, leaving the show this spring, the character may be forced to flee the cobblestones.

Knowing she’ll be spending time behind bars for her involvement in Ted’s death, the beloved cobblestone resident might decide to move overseas so she can enjoy her life.

Wanting to say goodbye to those she loves, the young woman could call on Curtis to thank him for having made her happy.

It could be an emotional goodbye as Curtis has been working on himself for the past few months and his ex-girlfriend can see a real change in him.

Curtis was the love of Emma’s life so she could ask him to come with her so they could finally have their happily ever after.

Not wanting to lose Emma again and in a better place, Curtis could agree to go with her as they put the past behind them.

The door is left open for the beloved waitress to return in the future, so if she leaves with Curtis, will he come back with her?

Or could their romance be snuffed out once more as they travel the world together?

Alexandra has previously spoken about her character’s relationship with Curtis and what Emma really thought of him.

Speaking to and other outlets, the soap opera star said: “Curtis was everything to her, the prince she was waiting for.”

“It’s so typical of Emma that something goes wrong. She knows it’s him, so she’ll do anything to make it work,” Alexandra continued.

“I think David [Platt] was a mistake! It was a shame it never worked out with Chesney [Brown]Seb [Franklin] had potential.

“But in the end, Curtis is her prince charming, her true love, and they go well together,” the actress explained.

“I mean, she tries as hard as she can [to be lucky in love]. Maybe she expects too much or is a little too full. I think she falls in love with the wrong person and has an idealized view of love.”

Coronation Street currently airs Mondays, Wednesdays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm and Fridays at 7.30pm for one hour on ITV.


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