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Both love chai. And when they have chai together, they drink it from the same glass.

“It feels good like that,” he says. “Because we love each other,” she says.

Afzal, 21, and Sabeena, 19, are in love. They also take their meals from the same plate.

Tonight, the couple sit on a bench, next to a chai stand, at Sarai Kale Khan. Afzal wears black jeans and a very tight brown shirt. Sabeena wears a blue kurta paired with a flowery dupatta. They got married a year ago.

“It was a love marriage,” she says. “Our parents were not in favor of marriage,” Afzal adds.

Afzal is a ‘beldar’ (worker) and Sabeena says his father is too, adding: ‘I think our parents were against it because we had known each other since childhood.

But the affair only started in the winter of 2019. They said their relationship started after they went to a bazaar together.

Lovers love many traits of each other. Sabeena lists a few about Afzal: “His haircut is very nice…I like the way he talks.”

Afzal says he likes the “nature” of Sabeena.

“I like that she always wears the dupatta.”

After their wedding, the couple started a new life together by renting a room, a stone’s throw from their parents’ home. Every evening after Afzal returns home, he helps Sabeena cook dinner. “He works during the day, and yet he also works at home, to make my life easier,” explains Sabeena.

The couple sometimes has its share of discord. “When she doesn’t listen to my wise advice,” he says. Sabeena gives the same reason.

But, they agree that a year of married life has changed them.

“I have become more responsible, more hardworking,” he says, explaining that “I only earn 300 rupees a day…you can’t run a house with that kind of money…I’m going to have to work again harder”. She half-jokes that “now I don’t have to suffer mom’s daat (scoldings) anymore.”

The couple got married in a public garden. The ceremony was attended by friends and relatives, and was presided over by a “qazi”. Pepsi and white rasgullas were served to guests, the couple said.

Soon the chai is over, and they get up and leave for their house.


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