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Dr Heavenly Kimes jumped, locked and dropped in the upcoming second episode of season 9 of Married to Medicine. The 50-year-old cosmetic dentist and reality TV star can be seen strutting around in an EXCLUSIVE preview of the upcoming June 17 episode, during which she held a fashion show for her new line of wigs sold at her Atlanta, Ga. beauty supply store. “Hello everyone, this is the evolution of Heavenly,” she began, waving to her audience and stepping out from behind the stage wearing a short orange wig. “Today I’m wearing the red wig. I can wear any color, okay? Because I’m versatile, okay? I’m every woman. Every woman is in me. Heavenly then ferociously roamed the runway in a fitted black jumpsuit outlined in white.

Co-starring Dr. Simone Whitmore reacted candidly to the show, calling Heavenly “a queen on a throne…in the cowl.” Right after, the dentist and contractor confidently dropped him to the floor and gave the audience a quick twerk before exclaiming, “I can drop him if I want to.” She then went to kiss her partner, Dr. Damon Kimes.

While the audience’s applause and cheers made Heavenly’s moves seem to wow the crowd, not everyone was pleased. “She shouldn’t drop it like she’s 20 to 50,” Dr Eugene Harris said disapprovingly, with his wife Toya Bush Harris in agreement. The clip ended with Dr Jackie Walters and Miss Quad Webb-Lunceford model other wigs.

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Dr. Heavenly’s social life gets quite complicated during ‘Married to Medicine’ Season 9 (Picture: Bravo)

Bravo says that in the next episode on Sunday, “countess reveals to Toya the reasons for his broken friendship with Heavenly. Anilah and Kiran receive life-changing news. Heavenly opens a new venture, in partnership with the great beyond. Dr. Simone and Cecile start a new adventure together. Quad and Mason navigate their new life together. And of course, the stars of the show come out to support Heavenly’s grand opening.

As seen in the Season 9 trailer, Contessa and Toya are at odds with Heavenly, which Heavenly talked about before the season premiere. “I didn’t do anything to Contessa, I’m just going to let you know,” she said Today. Contessa, however, thinks otherwise, and it may stem from some of the things Heavenly has said about the show and its cast in YouTube vlogs.

As for Toya, Heavenly said she “loves” him, but admitted that she disagrees with “the way she treats her husband.”

Fans can catch Married to Medicine every Sunday on Bravo at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.


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