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Escape-based Ford Bronco Sport sold more than the actual Escape in September


The Bronco Sport, commonly referred to as the Baby Bronco, the Bronco Lite, or whatever, it’s just a controversial hairline. Designed as a fashionable all-terrain vehicle, it shares its “C2” platform with the more conventional Escape, which many say limits its off-road potential. Ford, of course, offers a strong defense against this claim, but regardless of that, one thing is for sure; it just overtook its platform partner in September after only a year of sales.

The news comes with the release of Ford’s September 2021 sales report, which not only highlights the company’s struggle with the continued shortage of chips (total sales are down 17.7% from September 2020. ), but also the strength of the Bronco brand. The current Escape, on the market since 2019, has sold a total of 11,462 units. The Bronco Sport sold 11,686, a difference of 224 SUVs.

Now, before we continue, there is some background to be noted. There have been closings due to chip shortages both at the Louisville, Ky., Assembly plant where the Escape is made, and at the Hermosillo, Mexico plant where it is made. the Bronco Sport. It is quite possible that these sales results occurred independently of the demand for either vehicle, and were driven primarily by supply.

At this point, Escape sales are down 31.8% from September 2020. Maybe that’s just because people are souring the vehicle overall, but it’s not much. likely production of the Escape was hampered by supply chain issues. Likewise, if there were more Bronco Sports available on dealer lots due to higher production – or perhaps production was a priority – it certainly would have influenced total sales as well. We have reached out to Ford to see if he has any comments on this, but have yet to hear back.

It’s also a small difference in vehicles sold – only two percent in total – and we don’t yet know if that’s a trend. With such a fine lead, it’s entirely possible that the Escape will take the lead again in October.

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