Expert shares tips to ‘prevent and reverse premature graying of hair’


blame it erratic lifestyle habits or hormonal imbalances, premature graying of hair has become increasingly common these days. While many believe that grey hair is permanent and there is nothing you can do about it, it may not really be the case!

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By following some hair care habits and by including certain herbs in your diet, you can effectively reverse premature graying of hair, according to Ayurvedic expert Dr. Dixa Bhavsar. She recently spoke about three herbs which she suggested consuming and applying topically for luscious black locks.


An antidote for a host of diseases, amla has been shown to have great benefits for skin and hair. “Eating one fruit a day during the season is the best practice not only to treat premature graying of hair, but also to correct metabolism and eliminate toxins. It is also one of the best rejuvenating drugs,” Dr. Bhavsar noted.

Additionally, she suggested massaging the scalp with coconut oil treated with fresh amla juice. You can also consume amla daily in the form of fresh juice. “Amla powder is a great addition to hair masks,” she added.

curry leaves

The expert shared a simple DIY hair oil using curry leaves. “Take 1-2 cups of coconut oil or any other oil of your choice and a handful of curry leaves. Boil them until the leaves blacken and the oil too. Leave it cool a bit and transfer the mixture to a glass container,” she explained.

Curry leaves are beneficial for your hair. (Source: Pixabay)

Apply this oil by sectioning your hair, from root to tip, especially on the scalp. Leave overnight and shampoo the next day with a mild product. shampoo.


Also known as the “king of hair”, bhringaraj is one of the best natural remedies for the premature treatment of gray hair, according to Dr. Bhavsar. “It fixes the metabolism and starts the process of restoring natural hair color. It can be added to hair packs to retain color, reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.”

Additionally, you can also apply bhringaraj stick on the scalp, leave for half an hour then wash the hair or massage the scalp with bhringaraj pre-shampoo oil with herbal shampoo twice a week, she suggested.

The expert has listed some simple tips to prevent premature graying of hair.

*Oil your hair Its very important. Do it twice a week.

* Consume sweet, bitter and astringent foods. Avoid drinks that are too spicy, salty, fried, fermented, expired, containing caffeine and non-vegetarian foods.

Don’t forget to oil your hair. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

*Instill 2 drops of cow’s ghee in both nostrils at night before sleeping.

*Amla is best for gray hair. Consume it regularly, especially during winter season.

* Getting to bed early is just as important. The better the quality of your sleep, the better the quality of your hair. Try to be in bed by 10 p.m.

*Coconut oil is commonly used for its cooling properties. You can use it with

  1. Aloe vera gel – Mix the gel with coconut oil and apply it on the hair.
  2. Amla powder (Indian gooseberry) – Heat 2 teaspoons of amla powder in 3 tablespoons of coconut oil until it turns black. Apply to your hair after the mixture has cooled down a bit.
  3. Curry leaves – Heat a handful of curry leaves with coconut oil until they turn black. Cool and apply to the scalp. You can also consume curry leaves as part of your diet. It contains multivitamins and irons that help prevent graying.

* Include curry leaves, sesame seeds, amla, bitter gourd and cow ghee in your diet.

*Do not wash your hair in hot water.

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