Four style dilemmas every midwife faces


1. Hair dye

Some things to know about graying. It’s absolute child’s play if you look like actress Andie MacDowell and/or enlist your colorist’s help because, as we all know, successful midlife gray hair (as opposed to young gray hair like Vogue fashion editor Sarah Harris, who is quoted in every article about graying because she’s a glaring exception to the aging rule) relies on some strategic enhancement. Not always but often.

Again, it’s complicated because there are few things as aging as the corn yellow highlights head, unless it’s the corn yellow highlights head with gray roots in overhead lighting. The rule of thumb with gray is that you will have to work harder in other departments: clothes that brighten the eyes, bright makeup, etc. Gray hair (they really should have that on the walls of hairdressers) is fabulous, but you’ll have to work a lot harder to stay still.

Give no quarter: Lots of hair extensions

Be natural : Shiny gray hair or carefully orchestrated highlights

Let go : Cat hair. Still unbrushed

2. “Without makeup”

Also something that in recent years has become an act of extraordinary bravery and lack of vanity, if you’re someone in the public eye. Posting a picture of yourself on Instagram without makeup is like driving a supply bus in Ukraine in the minds of some women. Otherwise, most of us civilians are either “Bring me my armor!” or “Better tap a little before you go out or it looks like I have Covid.”

Give no quarter: Eyelash extensions, permanent eye makeup, Botox and the rest

Be natural : Less makeup more often

Let go : No makeup except ginger and outdated foundation – so blobby – mascara for parties

3. Wear glasses or contacts

Lately, people think it’s almost deliberately natural to wear glasses when you could so easily get your eyes lasered or wear contacts, and look, say, seven years younger. Why doesn’t she dye her hair? Pluck his chin hair? Sort his mustache? Cover your age spots? Whiten your teeth? Getting his eyes sorted out and losing the spec string?

These are the questions people are asking in 2022 (we can’t confirm this scientifically, but once you go gray these people will be watching for more signs of maintenance withdrawal). You were warned.

Give no quarter: Laser treatment or contact lenses, tinted

Be natural : Quality bifocals

Let go : Pharmacy carousel specs worn on your head all day

4. Comfortable clothes

Madonna – who is a year younger than MacDowell – is in trouble these days not because she’s OTT but because she’s so desperate to show us her butt and we don’t feel comfortable with it. that. Exposure to the buttocks. Under the buttocks, under the breasts, laces digging into the cleavage, string bikinis, small bikinis, see-through garments are all on the Give No Quarter list and the opposite of Being Natural.

That said, it’s important to note that being natural in clothes, much like going gray in a good way, isn’t as easy as reaching for the elasticated waistband and will require more effort than pouring into the nearest bomb dress and knocking on heels. . Being Natural is loose but flattering cuts, heathered textured fabrics, interesting ethnic jewelry and comfortable yet stylish shoes.

It’s the most effort of the lot. Note: You can roughly tell a person’s approach to aging by how much importance they place on their shoes. The day you put on the shoe that gets you down but nevermind it has arch support, that’s the day you walk the line between being natural and letting go.

Give no quarter: Liz Hurley dresses in a tastic cleavage or strips like J-Lo

Be natural : Old Levi’s and ironed laundry

Let go : Sleeveless shirt and fleece when it’s cold

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