Glam Makeover by Nazifa Tabassum: A Story of Beauty and Happiness


Glam Makeover is a makeover studio located in Niketan. “If you’re too comfortable, it’s time to move on. Terrified afterwards? You’re on the right track” – This quote from Susan Fales Hill, author, screenwriter and television producer, sums up the journey Glam by Nazifa Tabassum Makeover. We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with the spectacular owner, Nazifa Tabassum, about her building journey and the success of Glam Makeover.

Who is Nazifa Tabassum?

She is the founder of Glam Makeover by Nazifa Tabassum. Nazifa graduated from the University of Brac. Interestingly, she comes from a background where both her parents are microbiologists. She too has never had an interest in makeup. It was during her undergrad years that she started doing touch ups. Adding a shade of blush, lipstick and a liner was her go-to makeup. Hyper and anxious by nature, Nazifa is an eager and quick learner.

How did Glam Makeover start?

One fine day, she thought of dressing people up for a living. She really thought for a hot minute and the next thing you know, she brought all the necessary equipment to start an in-house makeover business. From that minute, she slowly started building her dream business.

Little by little, she turned her ideas into reality. She had to learn a lot of new things from scratch and she did them all because she was in awe of the glamor industry. She wanted to leave her own mark. Starting with just 60,000 Tk, his income doubled in no time. Thanks to his unparalleled love for beautifying women and his unwavering dedication to go big or go home.

What were the main obstacles and successes?

For starters, she didn’t know anyone in this industry. His background and his environment had no connection with this line of work. She had to develop them over time and with a lot of research. From products to models, she had gotten blisters in her soles from going back and forth to do it.

Convincing her parents was not so bad because they believed in their daughter’s ambition. Nazifa was always super responsible for her studies and even taught students which added to the level of diligence expected. Therefore, she got a micro-finance from her parents. As she had to deal with various people while making connections, she received a little culture shock, but she got over it quickly.

Dealing with customers, suppliers, etc. was overwhelming, but she got used to it and she thinks she still learns something new every day in this context. She is grateful that most clients are happy and satisfied with the results. She could actually understand what is good for them and help them with that.

For the successes, she had the opportunity to be the makeup partner of Mirror Magazine and Bio-xin presents the Business Leadership Awards 2022. Renowned personalities like Shilpa Shetty, Anupam Roy, Tahsan and Honorable Minister of Commerce will be here.

She was nominated for the position of “fastest growing makeup artist and entrepreneur”.

What are her trendiest beauty packages?

Trending Bridal/Reception/Vacation/Engagement Packages Are —

Tk 7000. Simple makeup with minimal products, simple hairstyle, sari drape, jewelry setting, chunri setting. Made by a junior artist.

12,500TK. Make-up, hairstyle, hair extensions (if required), sari/lehenga draping, jewelry setting, chunri setting, nail polish, nail extensions, artificial gajra flowers (if required). Made by a senior in-house artist.

Tk 17000. Makeup with all premium products as you wish, any hairstyle, hair extensions (if required), saree/lehenga draping, jewelry setting, chunri setting, nail polish, nail extensions , artificial gajra flowers (if needed). Retouching by Nazifa Tabassum.

Tk 22500. Prep skin before makeup so makeup stays on, relaxing head and neck massage, threading eyebrows and upper lip (if needed), makeup with most premium products, beautiful or shiny or understated – exactly as you want it, any hairstyle, hair extensions (if needed), saree draping, jewelry setting, chunri setting, nail polish, nail extensions, contact lenses , heat protection, artificial gajra flowers (if needed). Directed by Nazifa Tabassum.

Trending party packages are —

Tk 2700. Simple make-up, draped in sari to be done by a young artist.

Tk 4000. Best quality makeup with better brands, hair styling, sari draping, jewelry setting, hand neck makeup by senior artist, touch up by Nazifa Tabassum.

Tk 6500. Makeup with the best quality products, hair styling, Sari draping, jewelry setting, handmade neck base, nail extensions made by Nazifa Tabassum.

Nazifa Tabassum’s motto in life is very simple: “Be sure of something. Don’t be clumsy, be sure and keep running. There is no shortcut.’

The spectrum of businesswomen in the glamor industry is yet to be tapped. Therefore, individuals like Nazifa Tabassum are role models for the short-lived young generation of ambitious girls to look forward to.


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