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Google shines a light on black-owned businesses in new #BlackOwnedFriday movie


Google has partnered with renowned black artists and businesses across the country to reinvent Black Friday as “Black Owned Friday.”

This is the second year that the tech giant has partnered with US Black Chambers, Inc. to run such a campaign.

This year 55 companies are involved and can be purchased in an interactive Black-Owned Friday movie, accompanied by a new song by T-Pain and Normani.

As you watch the film, which can be seen here, or on YouTube, elements that appear to be the background of the film or used as a backdrop are highlighted as a pop-up.

If you click on any of these highlighted items, the movie is paused and you can purchase the item directly from the seller’s website.

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Items for sale range from hair products to books and artwork.

“I was thrilled when Google contacted the second annual Black-Owned Friday,” T-Pain said in a blog post announcing the initiative.

“I am proud to join Google and the US Black Chambers, Inc. for another year of encouraging buyers to support black-owned businesses.”

To find the full list of companies, go to g.co/blackownedfriday.

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