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Gray Hair: Knowing the Causes and Treatment Options


Gray or white Haircommonly associated with aging, is now becoming a source of concern for young people around the world, who are trying every trick to prevent or reverse the condition.

Dr (Major) Gurveen Waraich recently took to Instagram to fix this fairly common problem. She listed many reasons why you might be suffering from gray hair and mentioned ways to manage it.

Check out the post below, in which the expert clarifies that there is no root cause behind gray hair; on the contrary, the reasons will differ from person to person.

The underlying causes of gray hair, according to the expert, are-

*Genetic: You may be affected by premature gray hair if other members of your family do it too.

* Thyroid dysfunction: Consult an expert if you think you have thyroid problems.

*Strings: An unhealthy lifestyle, improper sleeping schedules, excessive work stress can all lead to premature gray hair.

* Vit B12 deficiency: Do not consume fresh products containing this vitamin can sometimes lead to gray or white hair. However, if you are considering taking supplements, consult an expert first.

*Smoking: Smoking can lead to gray hair, including other serious health risks.

Dr. Waraich mentioned a few ways to manage gray hair. Continue reading.

*Treatment of the underlying cause: Identifying and then treating the cause of gray hair is extremely important.

*Extra charges: They must contain zinc, biotin, selenium and calcium pantothenate which could help prevent gray hair.

*Healthy lifestyle: A good diet, stress management and regular exercise play an important role in managing any hair-related problem, including gray hair.

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