Hair color, other personal care items among this week’s best deals


This Sunday’s highlights feature all sorts of great deals and some freebies!

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Champs, Sean

Plus, look for these opportunities to save:

∙ CVS Revlon/Almay Mystery Offer: The CVS Coupon Kiosk offers a mystery offer on Revlon and Almay products.

∙ CVS Freebies: Check your CVS app ( every day until July 23 for a FREE article! You must be an ExtraCare member to use. Check the app weekly to see what freebies are available.

∙ CVS Hair Color Savings Month: While the CVS Hair Color Rewards program awards FREE hair color for every seven hair color products you purchase, July goes one better by offering credit for six hair color purchases when you purchase. four ! This offer is valid until 07/31/22. See the CVS announcement for more details.

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