Hairdresser Deeside looks back on 32 years of cutting the Queen’s hair


An Aberdeenshire hairdresser said it was an honor and a privilege to have worked for the Queen at Balmoral for the past 32 years.

Lynn Murray of Strachan started styling the monarch in the summer of 1990 when she stepped in to cover her mother following a car accident.

When her mother’s injuries left her unable to work, the Queen decided to keep Ms Murray on as a permanent hairdresser in Scotland.

“I felt very honored that Her Majesty is keeping me,” she said. “It was a privilege to give personalized service to this incredible and unique woman.

“From my first visit, I was grateful for her talent for putting people at ease. It was as if she had a magic wand.

“Any hairstylist knows how close you get to a client, especially when styling in their own environment.”

Special Medal awarded by the Queen

For the past three decades, Ms Murray has visited Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh and the intimate Craigowan Lodge on the Balmoral Estate to style the Queen’s hair.

Her work with the monarch was recognized in 2017 when she was placed on the Queen’s Birthday Honors List.

She traveled to London with her husband, Sandy Murray, and sons Stuart, 24, and Scott, 17, to receive her Royal Victorian Medal – awarded for personal service to the Sovereign.

Strachan-based hairstylist Lynn Murray was the Queen’s hairstylist at Balmoral for 32 years. Photo: PA.

“The Queen knew my husband and two sons were with me, so she asked if she could meet my boys after the ceremony,” she said.

“I was very humbled. My boys were very nervous, but just like the Queen did for me all those years ago, she lifted their anxiety within minutes by asking each of them insightful questions.

“They were shocked that the Queen not only knew, but remembered, what was going on in their lives from conversations I had with her that summer. It showed his fantastic communication skills, memory and genuine interest.

“Her thoughtful gesture of inviting us to meet her at her personal apartment in Buckingham Palace will live with us forever.

Special Corgi Souvenirs

The 57-year-old also recalled her favorite part of their meeting that day – which involved the Queen’s beloved corgis.

She continued: “I said to Her Majesty, ‘I thought I might have seen my friend’. Quick as a flash she said ‘Oh, haven’t you seen him?’

“My husband was confused, but my boys knew what I meant. The Queen then yelled at her dogs – she knew which was my favorite – and they all came running. My boys were able to meet the furry friends whose they had heard so much.

Working with the Queen at her home in Deeside meant that Ms Murray had the rare opportunity to meet her client’s pets and family, which she would not usually encounter in the drawing room.

“I have also met many staff who are traveling with the Queen, all of whom have been very helpful and kind to me,” she added. “They work tirelessly and sacrifice a lot to hold their positions.

“I will miss my trips to the castle immensely, but I have many beautiful memories that I will cherish.”

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[Deeside hairdresser reflects on 32 years of cutting the Queen’s hair]



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