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Hairdresser warns that drying your hair naturally causes more damage than blow drying


Hair blogger Nerija has left people absolutely bewildered after revealing that letting your hair dry naturally could actually do more than use a blow dryer.

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TikToker explains how air drying hair can damage it

Anyone who’s ever set foot in a hair salon, only to be blasted for their poor hair condition, will know that heat can be damaging.

These same people will also know that hairdressers regularly warn their clients to be careful when using straighteners and blow dryers, and to give your hair a break when possible.

However, it turns out that these warnings might not be entirely true, as one hair blogger claimed that letting your hair dry naturally could actually cause more damage than using a blow dryer. Our whole life has been a lie.

Nerija says letting our hair dry naturally could actually be more damaging


@ neri_ja / TikTok)

Our entire lives have been a lie


@ neri_ja / TikTok)

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“Did you know that air drying your hair can lead to more damage like breakage and split ends? Yes, you heard that right”, TikToker Nerija (@neri_ja) Explain. “This is because when the hair comes in contact with water, it swells.”

She went on to explain, “The longer the bulking process takes, the more pressure it puts on the delicate proteins that keep your hair intact, which can then lead to more damage.”

However, the hair blogger said that instead of using the blow dryer directly, she recommends that people let their hair dry around 70-80% before turning on the blow dryer.

“Remember to use a thermal protector,” she added.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, every day is truly a school day on TikTok, and it turns out other users were just as baffled as we were.

“WHAT. AND I HEAR THIS NOW,” one wrote, while another added, “The heat is so much better for your hair ?! Ugh I’m so confused.” U.S. too.

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