Hairdresser working on a client when bullets went through the apartment


BALTIMORE — A hairstylist was in an apartment working on a client when shots were fired through their building.

Luckily they weren’t in the room where the bullets hit and no one was hurt.

However, police are investigating the shooting at an apartment complex in the 1500 block of Argyle Avenue in northwest Baltimore.

Part of the street was blocked off with police tape.

The building’s windows have been smashed and officers are still looking for the shooter.

“I was at home doing my hair at the time,” hairstylist Mia Robinson said.

At least 21 evidence markers are on the ground.

Bullets shattered the window pane of his second-floor apartment.

“I saw them scatter and that’s when I pulled up my shade and said, ‘You all opened my fucking window,'” Robinson said.

Witnesses told WMAR-2 News that those involved in the shooting were teenagers.

“They don’t care. They don’t care about me, you, her,” Robinson said. “They don’t even care about themselves. They’re so off the chain.”

A victim of a gunshot herself, neighbor Julia Smoot said these children should lay down their arms because they were having a negative impact on the community.

“It’s every day, all day,” Smoot said. “It’s not the shootout, it’s the stabbing, it’s the fight and they don’t come one and two, they come in packs.”

“That’s why I say accountability. You know, they don’t have that,” Robinson said. “It’s not in their vocabulary at all. They don’t know what it means, they don’t have anyone to teach them that.”


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