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HC concerned about unskilled hands performing hair transplants | Delhi News

New Delhi: A tragedy has made the red flag of the Delhi High Court a proliferation of salons performing hair transplants by unqualified technicians without any medical supervision.
Judge Anoop Kumar Mendiratta pointed out that these salons operated “completely in disregard of medical ethics and in disregard of standard protocol”, while ordering the Central and Delhi government to ensure that these practices were controlled, that the people were aware that such procedures could be deadly and nationally framed medical protocols.
The judge was dealing with a motion concerning the death of a 35-year-old man, allegedly due to negligence during the hair transplant process at a Rohini salon. The victim, who paid Rs 30,000 for the procedure, developed a sore scalp followed by swelling in the face and shoulders and later died during treatment in hospital.
Taking a somber view, the court called on the Delhi Police Commissioner to ensure that similar incidents of medical malpractice do not happen again and that action is taken against these salons.
The court also requested a status report from the authorities including the National Medical Commission and the Delhi Medical Council and affirmed that hair transplantation being a cosmetic surgery should be performed by qualified dermatologists or surgeons trained with the informed consent of the patient.
According to treatment documents, the cause of death was septic shock with multiple organ failure in case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. “The fact that hair transplant surgeries are performed in salons with the help of technicians is of great concern as they are not fully qualified and none of these procedures can be performed except under the supervision of a surgeon or doctor. ‘a qualified dermatologist,’ the court said. observed.
“It is imperative that the necessary steps be taken by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as well as the Government of Delhi to ensure that these proliferating salons performing hair transplant procedures under non-professional hands without required qualification and in the absence of medical supervision are controlled. Necessary safeguards must be ensured for the safety of persons undertaking the aforementioned processing,” the court said.
Judge Mendiratta further said: “The process may even require the consultation and management of other specialists in case one suffers from co-morbidities or any other risky complications. Completing the consent form in such cosmetic surgeries, as such, can be important in ensuring that patients give informed consent and are aware of the procedures to be followed.
It was pointed out that due to the lack of medical supervision, the process can pose a great risk and lead to irreversible damage or even loss of life, adding that it was essential to assess the risk-benefit ratio from the point of medical view and those performing the procedure. were also made aware of medico-legal issues.
“The concern of this tribunal remains that no harm should befall innocent patients who undertake such procedures without knowing that the same must be performed by professionals with the required skills and knowledge in hair transplantation,” said added the court.
The court said: “The necessary safeguards must be ensured for the safety of persons undertaking the aforementioned treatment. Additionally, the general public should be aware that such hair transplant procedures/cosmetic surgeries can be fatal at the hands of unqualified professionals, who require strict medical supervision.
“In the event that such medical protocols have not been established to guide physicians, the same need must be framed nationally in view of upcoming cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant procedures,” the court added, while releasing the case for review in July.