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Heidi Fleiss remembers H’wood producer Jon Peters’ crazy nights out


In the Oscar-nominated film “Licorice Pizza”, Bradley Cooper steals the show with a messy appearance as Hollywood producer Jon Peters: blowing up on an assistant, physically threatening teenagers, shamelessly throwing himself at a much younger woman, throwing a trash can through a bay window, and giving a stressful tutorial on how to pronounce his girlfriend’s last name, Barbara Streisand.

It’s no exaggeration, according to sources familiar with the real Peters – a beautician-turned-movie-producer-turned-studio-head with a reputation as a selfish wild man.

In real life, “He once pulled a gun on a pair of repairmen” who were trying to collect payment for a $150 landscaping bill, biographer Kim Masters told the Post.

During his glory days, Peters reportedly hosted lavish dinner parties where sex with prostitutes was top of the menu.

Bradley Cooper plays a maniacal version of Jon Peters in Oscar-nominated ‘Licorice Pizza’.

“He was having dinner parties at his house and the waitresses were all wearing Spago uniforms,” ​​said Heidi Fleiss, the famous Hollywood madam who ferried working girls to powerful Hollywood actors. “But they were really my daughters. Jon would have top people there and the guys would give each other blow jobs under the table.

She remembered Peters as an excellent customer. “I love Jon Peters. He wanted to give me an office in the Sony field,” Fleiss told the Post. “Let’s just say I would have been the entertainment director.”

” The representation [in ‘Licorice Pizza’] didn’t seem incompatible with the Jon we interviewed and wrote about,” said Masters, co-author of “Hit and Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood.” “He was very attached to the legend of Jon Peters.”

Jon Peters went from being a hairstylist - apparently the inspiration for Warren Beatty's studious character in
Jon Peters went from hairstylist to film producer and studio head.
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She recalled how Peters not only embraces his over-the-top heritage — he makes it shine. “He told us a story about jumping on the desk of the chairman of Warner Bros. [in response to a requested soundtrack change],” she said. “It turned out to be wrong.”

Masters added: “He didn’t mind being considered a pirate.”

“He’s acting crazy,” William Stadiem, the screenwriter and author who collaborated with Peters on his never-published autobiography, told The Post. “He’s very impulsive. Hollywood is a city of chickens. Peters is not a chicken. He…has no idea of ​​his own limits.

Peters and Barbra Streisand fell in love after styling her wigs for the movie
Peters and Barbra Streisand fell in love after he styled her wigs for the movie ‘For Pete’s Sake’ – and told her she ‘has a nice ass’.
In “Licorice Pizza”, Cooper’s version of Peters makes much of the correct pronunciation of Streisand’s name.
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A staple of the 1970s/80s Hollywood scene and a regular at the Playboy Mansion, Peters, now 76, was really Barbara Streisand’s boyfriend. He is also said to have dated or had affairs with Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger and Pam Anderson – whom he dated in the late 1980s and then got married for 12 days in January 2020.

At the time of their blissful union, Peters, then 74, brashly told The Hollywood Reporter, “There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my choice…”

The golden boy attitude comes from being among the luckiest men in Hollywood. According to “Hit and Run,” Peters, born in Van Nuys, Calif., was the son of a restaurant owner; his uncles owned a well-known barber shop in Beverly Hills. Dropping out of school in the seventh grade, Peters ended up in a reform school for unspecified reasons at the age of 12. He graduated a year later and had a short stint in beauty school before being sent to New York by his mother at the age of 15.

Peters and Pamela Anderson dated in the late 80s and then got married for 12 days in 2020.
Peters and Pamela Anderson dated in the late 80s and then got married for 12 days in 2020.
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There, Peters landed at the YMCA and got a job at an all-night saloon, dying the pubic hair of prostitutes. In the early 1970s, he had taken over the Rodeo Drive salon from his uncles and was winning over his clientele. He claimed to have been the inspiration for Warren Beatty’s studious barber character in “Shampoo.”

He has also leveraged his path with hair into a film career. While styling Barbra Streisand’s wigs for the 1974 comedy “For Pete’s Sake,” he reportedly followed the actress down a flight of stairs and said, “I’m looking at your ass. You’ve got a great ass.

They remained together for 12 years and he entered the production game thanks to his 1976 remake of “A Star is Born” and his 1974 album “ButterFly”.

Peters is said to have been the inspiration for the studious character of Warren Beatty in
Peters was said to be the inspiration for Warren Beatty’s studious character in ‘Shampoo’ (above, with Julie Christie.).
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According to Masters, the stylist also turned into a manager and practically remade Streisand.

“It gave her the update she needed and it redirected her career,” the author said. “Jon had an amazing eye for women. I remember he told us he had met this fantastic Welsh actress who would be someone and it turned out to be Catherine Zeta-Jones I think he dated her for about two weeks.

It wasn’t all hearts and roses, though. “He told us Barbra hit him with a stiletto,” Masters said. “[Actress] Lesley Anne Warren issued a restraining order against him, and [former Columbia Pictures president] Dawn Steel ran away from her house in “literal fear” when Peters was in charge of Sony and she went to his house to quit. (Peters denied ever abusing Warren.)

Peters said he had an affair with Kim Basinger.
Peters said he had an affair with Kim Basinger.
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According to Jezebel, Peters “has been sued for sexual harassment at least five times.” In 2011, he was ordered by a court to pay his former assistant $3.3 million over a harassment claim. In his testimony, Peters denied any wrongdoing.

Stadiem recalls going to an editing meeting with Peters where the producer criticized the hairstyles of the women in the piece and offered to spruce them up himself.

“If I did that, my book deal would be void,” Stadiem said. “Women loved him for some reason. They loved him. He reached the top thanks to the crushes of women. It made no sense.

Streisand and Peters kiss as they hold their awards for the movie remake of
Streisand and Peters hug as they hold their awards for the remake of the movie ‘A Star is Born,’ which he produced and she starred in.
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Fleiss claims to have witnessed a version of this. “The [escorts] would fall in love with Jon, and he was really good with a lot of them,” she said. “If he said he was going to send them on casting calls or on trips to Cabo, he always came. He even sent a girl with a drinking problem to the Betty Ford Clinic. The girls received gift certificates for Gucci and Tiffany. My only problem was how to get my 50% discount. »

Although Peters is known for his outrageous spending at Sony – where films such as “Flashdance”, “Rain Man” and several “Batman” images were made under his watch and that of his producing partner Peter Guber – he also has , according to The Hollywood Reporter, raked in a report of $80-85 million for “relaunch the [Superman movies] franchise in the 90s.

Heidi Fleiss said Peters would hire her escorts to entertain at her dinner parties.
Heidi Fleiss claimed that Peters would hire her escorts to entertain at her dinner parties.

Director Kevin Smith recalled in 2015 documentary ‘The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened’ working on the script for the doomed film – revealing that Peters insisted Superman not fly in the film but had to fight a giant spider. (The movie was never made, but the spider idea was revived for Peters’ “Wild Wild West.”)

Peters bragged to The Hollywood Reporter that he was banned from filming “Man of Steel” because “My reputation scares those guys.”

Screenwriter Brent Maddock once said that Peters claimed he and action star Steven Seagal, whom the producer called “a pussycat,” got into a martial arts battle after Seagal put him in a headache.

These days, Peters is mostly retired and living in Los Angeles. (Married four times, he has five children.)

As Masters sees it, Peters was a prime product of his time. “He was a hairstylist who became a successful producer and studio head. He was championing the fact that anything was possible in the 1970s and 1980s,” she said. “You don’t have those characters anymore outsized and I don’t know if you can replicate today what Jon did back then.”