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TANGLES, an organization from Howard University, shows connoisseurs of natural hair just how easy and fun it can be to take care of natural hair. TANGLES, which stands for Transitioners and Natural Growing Learners and Educating Students, provides a common space to learn more about natural hair and build a positive self-image.

From braiding and the product-style relationship to self-love and self-confidence, TANGLES was founded with the aim of not only educating, but also creating community. “Tangles was founded at Howard University in November 2010… by Jessica Williams and Alexis Guy, who saw the need to promote confidence and generate discussion for students with natural hair,” said a representative from TANGLES.

Beyond the inspiring discussions around natural hair, TANGLES was created with the mission to change the often negative stigma that surrounds natural hair.

“Having conversations about natural hair [is] imperative, especially within the Howard community. With a student body coming from all over the world, not everyone has been encouraged to kiss their hair in their community. We feel responsible for making sure the narrative is changed, ”the representative explained.

Over the years, the TANGLES organization has organized many natural hair care events. These events include “Wave Watching” which offered tips on how to care for and style short hair, “Braidz and Thangz” which taught viewers about protective styling through braiding workshops. These events provided a common space for natural hair enthusiasts to come together, celebrate their crowns together, and deepen their self-esteem.

Through the hair, the TANGLES organization is committed to inspiring confidence, not only in the physique, but in all aspects of oneself.

“Self-love involves taking care of your physical and emotional well-being. Taking care of your hair is an important step in managing this. It is important to look good AND to feel good! said TANGLES.

Learning about natural hair goes far beyond understanding your curls, it means understanding how to wear a crown with pride. It is not only a question of nourishing its knots and spirals, but also of nourishing its whole being.

Here are three tips from TANGLES to ensure crowns are nourished and cared for:

  1. Cut off the split ends! Your hair is still growing, but it might not be getting longer because it is breaking at the same rate it is growing. The best way to maintain length is to make sure your ends are taut at least every three months.
  2. Moisturize hair often. Curly and curly hair is naturally drier due to its spiral shape, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Use deep moisturizing conditioners to combat this.
  3. Protective styling can be one of the best ways to stay stylish while protecting your ends and giving yourself a break from weekly styling.

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