IDK What to Look First: Jennifer Lopez’s Glitter Eyeshadow or Shoulder-Length Hair – See Photo


It was a special night for this year’s Icon of a Generation, Jennifer Lopez. On Sunday, June 5, the slash-singing actor received the highest honor one can acquire at the annual MTV Movie & TV Awards. To kick off the special occasion, she walked both the red carpet and the stage wearing eye makeup that simply screamed “I’m an icon.”

Blended to perfection, makeup artist Mary Phillips picked the perfect shades to highlight the winner’s naturally light brown eyes. For the eyeshadow, various iterations of the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Palette came into play. Phillips told Instagram how this look came about. The custom cocktail of shades used to create this eyeshadow look included both the Mothership I: Subliminal Palette and the Mothership VI: Midnight Sun Palette.

The secret to her voluminous eyelashes? Best of Beauty 2019 winner, the Tweezerman ProMaster Lash Curler [Phillips is a paid partner of the brand]. On the mascara side, we have Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star Volumizing Mascara to thank. Now that we’ve bombarded you with information on how to achieve bronzed eye makeup, we can take a moment to appreciate this icon’s influence on the beauty world.

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