“I’ll pay your bill or I’ll do your shopping”: This is how Imad responds to a dad’s social networks


Imad Shkairi and his comment under the cry for help

“I don’t have a job to offer you but I can pay you a bill, or I can gladly shop for you to lighten your expenses this month, write to me without problem”. Words that anticipate facts. Facts that save lives. This is how Imad Skhairi responded to a post on the Facebook group “I’ll give it to you if you come and get it – Verona”“I’m looking for work on Saturdays and Sundays, I’m a builder and I have three children, my wife no longer works and i can’t pay the rent“, writes a father on the social network, proposing himself as”mason, painter, dishwasher, gardener…“. Everything to work and support your loved ones.

Imad’s story

A call for help, to which Imad answered with his heart in hand, unleashing a virtuous circle of solidarity: “I agree. I’m happy to help you too”, “we need more people like you” and again “that there are beautiful people around”. Imad’s sensitivity comes from afar. “I was born in Grottaglie, in Puglia, but I come from Morocco,” he explains. At the age of 3, my mother Fatima decides to separate and move away from an abusive husband with a criminal record. I go to Morocco to stay with my grandmother, to return with my mother three years later, this time to Bolzano, where in the meantime she had found a job”. After two months, however, he is taken to the community of San Nicolò in Merano and begins to live with other children having family problems of all kinds. “A troubled adventurebetween psychologists, social services, lawyers, schools, educators – he recalls – but, looking back, I can say that the community was the wisest decision my mother could take to protect me and make me grow up healthy” .


However, there is something that does not correspond to the time of Imad: the anger rises, the desire to do, to live, to redeem. The community let him return to his mother when he was only 14: he returned to Bolzano and enrolled in a graphic high school. Driven by bad examples, he finds himself in prison: “I had to serve a year and six months, but after six months of pre-trial detention in a community in Legnago, the prosecutor decides to lighten the sentence for good behavior. At the moment, I go to host family in a family in Bolzano who took my story to heart and I start working as a hairdresser. When I was 19, I moved to Verona, where I work underpaid and share rooms with other flatmates”. Imad sinks into depression because of the economic situation in which he finds himself and feels abandoned to himself in a city where he knows no one. Before turning around to go back to Bolzano, a friend asks him: “You are going back to Bolzano after a year with what in your hand?

From haircuts to photos at Giorgio Armani

From there, something clicks in him. “I call it the hunger to do and to emerge“. He continues to be a hairdresser, but is fully involved in each cut and each hairstyle: stands out for its dandy style and aesthetic allure. You participate as a backstage hairstylist at Milan Fashion Week and, for fun, take souvenir photos. “What comes from what?” he adds. “With photography I managed to make myself known all over the world for various shots taken of Johnny Depp, Giorgio Armani, Angelina Jolie and many more. I lived with photography working between Paris and Milan in the fashion sector. After the pandemic, photography slowed down and due to expenses I looked for a new job as a hairstylist in Milan, moving permanently last September. Now I’m a partner and artistic director of Blend Milanoin Via Marghera 26”.

“I was helped and now it’s my turn to help”

Now that Imad is 30, he is reaching out to help someone else: “You only need to start, once, to give the impetus to take charge of your own life – he concludes -. I was helped. And it’s my turn to help now. In my opinion, a father still needed help and I decided to pay his bill. What changes in my heart? They’re not who knows how much money, but they can make a difference. However, everything can change for him, because not having an extra bill on his back can give him peace of mind, in addition to knowing that he is not alone. the I would like to try to break down the wall of selfishness that everyone has in front of their eyes and try to soften people, because we can all need help at certain times in life and we can all do our part when we know that someone is in difficulty”.

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