I’m a hairstylist and here’s why you should NEVER put colored hair behind your ear


A HAIRDRESSER has revealed the main reason why you should never put colored hair behind your ear.

Hairstylist Katrina Kelly is sharing her top hair care tips online and has issued a warning to anyone with fresh color.


The hairstylist took to TikTok to share her tipsCredit: TikTok/Karinakellyeducation
The hairdresser has indicated the section of hair that could be damaged by placing your hair behind your ear


The hairdresser has indicated the section of hair that could be damaged by placing your hair behind your earCredit: TikTok/Karinakellyeducation

The music video shows Kelly speaking directly to viewers and pointing out the section of her own hair that may be damaged.

Take from ICT Tac Kelly said: “Something you should never do if you have a root color on your head, or a toner, root shadow, tint something like that.

“You should never do what I just did and put your blonde hair behind your ear if you have root color because here you’ll get a dark mark.”

The hairstylist highlighted the middle part of her bangs and said that area would leave a dark mark if the hair was tucked behind her ear.

Viewers raved about the tip, and many took immediate action to follow the barber’s advice.

One said: “I literally pulled my blonde hair out of my ears after watching this.”

Another said: “I instantly take my hair behind my ears omg.”

Kelly shares a number of hair and styling tips and advice, including the best way to style bangs, how to manage hair after the gym and why gray hair is so colorfast.

Meanwhile, another TikTok user has gone viral for his incredibly easy hack to wake up to frizz-free hair.

I got my little boy’s design tattooed on my leg – it’s my favorite but he HATES it

Ashley Pangallo from the USA shared the hack with people on her TikTok account, ashmarrie12where it went viral with over six million views.

Hair-obsessed Ashley has revealed that to wake up to frizz-free hair every morning, all you need is a fluffy sock.

She wrote, “My secret hack for waking up to frizz-free hair.”


Demonstrating the hack in a video, she simply takes a fluffy sock and puts it on her hand, then grabs her hair and puts it inside.

She points out that you should use a fluffy sock other than a normal sock because the soft texture will prevent it from getting fuzzy while you sleep.

Users were blown away by the simple advice and asked Ashley to post a video showing results after sleeping in it.

Ashley did what people asked her to do and her hair looks pretty much untouched when she takes it out.

Which means that it is no longer necessary to comb your hair early in the morning.

The hair and beauty influencer often shares tips on how to keep your hair smooth and healthy, and with how amazing her hair looks, we don’t blame users for taking her advice.

One user wrote, “You just changed my life.”

“I’m trying this! I have a silk bonnet but it’s giving me a slight headache because I’m not used to having something around my head! I love this idea!” Another woman wrote.

A third person commented, “I’m going to the sock drawer.”

You tied your hair wrong at night – how to wake up with frizz-free hair every morning

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