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I’m an extension stylist, people with short hair always want the same impossible look… and they try to get it for free


A HAIRDRESSER revealed that clients with ultra-short hair always expect the impossible when it comes to hair extensions.

China Allred of Texas, US, said many customers ignore her warning about how extensions work and then want to get everything for free.


China has always tried to warn customersCredit: @ chinaarae / Tiktok

Relying on her TikTok account, China pieced together a conversation with a client who had a very short bob and wanted to transform into Khaleesi with super long extensions.

Publication under domain @chinaarae she captioned the message “extensions are expensive and she has been warned.”

China re-enacted the conversation with a client, whom she was surprised to see having very short hair to begin with.

“OK, let me take a look at your hair, did you just want to thicken it up and get a few the length of your hair?” Asked the stylist.


The client replied, “Oh no baby, I want Khaleesi hair, I’m talking sexy, long, like the longest weave you have.”

China tried to explain that it wouldn’t work on very short hair because her layers wouldn’t blend into the extensions and it wouldn’t look natural.

China told the client, “So … about that. You have an extremely short bob. I can try to blend them as best as possible, but you have a lot of layers and your hair is very short and in my personal opinion I wouldn’t do such long extensions. “

“We would need to really thin them out and layer them a BUNCH to make them try to blend in as much as possible,” she added.

The client refused to put layers in her hair and insisted that the stylist leave her hair in one length.

“Oh no. No-no-no. I want them all in length. I don’t want layers, no texture, I want them long, super thick. Khaleesi hair,” the client said.

The stylist again stated that in her professional opinion, she would not do this, but do what the client requested.

China said, “I just want to make sure you know that unless you style your hair extremely straight every day and keep this hair short, it won’t blend in very well.”

Adding, “I just want you to know that, I don’t want you to have to start wearing a hat every day. I don’t think it will be the best, but I will do whatever you want me to do.”

As the client insisted, the stylist styled her hair and asked the client what she thought.

“So I know you’ve been honest with me from the start, but it looks really awesome. Since you put in a lot of extensions, I don’t know. It looks a little weird,” he said. declared the customer.

China offered to layer and texturize the hair, which the client declined and said she would see how she felt.

A few days later, the client called and filed a complaint against the stylist, along with a refund and free service.

The client said, “China messed up my hair the other day and I would like a full refund and my hair looks disgusting and I want it fixed like it is now.”

The post has been viewed over 603,000 times and TikTok users were quick to comment.

“Please tell me they weren’t refunded!” One person commented.

“’I know it turned out like you told me, but I still want to blame you,” added another.

A third commented: “

Just refuse to do it. No, it’s better than getting their name dirty because they can’t listen. “

The customer then called to complain


The customer then called to complainCredit: @ chinaarae / Tiktok

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