I’m an Irish hairdresser and here’s my tip for wild hair – using dental floss


An Irish hairstylist has revealed a crazy hair trick – and all you need is some dental floss to do it.

Katrina Kelly, who posts on TikTok as @KatrinaKellyhairsaid the trick helps smooth cuticles and tame baby hairs in seconds.


Katrina shared her wild hair hack with her TikTok followers
Katrina said the hack helps smooth cuticles


Katrina said the hack helps smooth cuticles

The hairdresser grabbed a piece of dental floss and pulled it along her hairline.

She swiped it on either side of her head to see if it would flatten the baby hairs that were standing up.

At first she wasn’t sure if it worked, but when she tried again she seemed to think it had done something.

She said, “It should work because it’s wax – it worked.”

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She then asked her followers what they thought.

She said: “Tell me what you think – do you think it worked?”

The hair expert’s followers ran to the comments to give Katrina their thoughts on her wild hair hack.

One person said: “I just tried it because I was only talking about the baby hairs I had stood up – it worked!”

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Someone else said, “It worked well.”

Another person commented, “Your hair is huge.”

While others were a bit more confused.

Someone commented: “What is the hack supposed to do?”

To which Katrina replied, “Smooth those cuticles.”


Meanwhile, an Irish beauty fan has shared her tip for the perfect tan using a £4 Penneys fake tan.

Becky Thomas, who posts on TikTok as @bekahnthomasshared with her followers that she tried the Penneys brand tan and loved it.

The tan is only €4 and she used the medium/dark shade.

This gives Becky a gorgeous sunny color and doesn’t look streaky at all.

She said: “I used the Penneys Medium Dark Tan last night and that’s before I wash it off and I think it’s so good.

“It’s like €4 and I think it’s amazing.

“There are literally no lines or anything.

To get amazing coverage, Becky recommends opening the tan bottle and using it as a liquid rather than pumping it into a lather.

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She said: “So it’s a mousse but I actually took the lid off and used it as a liquid and I think I got a lot better coverage with it.

She added: “For €4 I think it’s a pretty good tan.”


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