I’m an Irish hairstylist and here are the stylist red flags you MUST know about


An Irish hairstylist has revealed four MAJOR stylist red flags to watch out for in a salon.

A staff member of Headquarters lounges took to social media to share the important hair warning with their followers.


There are a number of red flags to watch out for1 credit
Haste is important because mistakes can be made


Haste is important because mistakes can be made1 credit

Red flags are: not doing a consultation, not doing a strand/patch test, not showing hair when done, and rushing.

They wrote on TikTok: “Hairdresser guilty of this?”

Based in Celbridge and Newcastle, Kildare hairdressers share tips and tricks with fans and promise to be fans’ “best hairdressers”.

With over 208,900 likes, the Hair Experts Timeline is full of fun videos and hair transformations.

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They recently shared their top 3 tips for protecting your hair from lasting damage – and they’re convinced that “the last one is crucial”.

Here are their top three tips for keeping your hair as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Swap hair ties for clips

This tip will help prevent hair breakage, as hair ties can pull on your hair.

Most read in The Irish Sun

Always use a thermal protector

The heat protector will prevent heated tools from causing lasting damage.

Invest in a salon-approved hair mask

The salon says this tip is the most crucial of all, a good hair mask will protect your hair from any damage.

Meanwhile, another Irish hairstylist has revealed how dry shampoo can prevent hair from getting greasy in the first place.

Coia Dahill, owner of the Hemera salon in Tipperary, said to get the most benefit from the product it should be sprayed onto cool hair.

She posted on ICT Tac: “Best tip – you need to spray dry shampoo into your hair when it’s still fresh before it gets greasy.

“This will help prevent the oil from getting through.

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“When you spray dry shampoo on already oily hair, it doesn’t work as well.

“It can have a hard time really removing those oils. So while your hair is still fresh before it gets greasy, spray it into your roots, massage it in and it works more as a preventative than a cure. .”


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