Inside Juno Temple’s Gold-Embellished Beauty Look for the 2022 SAG Awards


Subtle isn’t a word that comes to mind for Keeley Jones, the good-hearted model has turned the power of PR into Ted Lasso. Thank goodness for that. Played by an effervescent Temple of Juno– who earned a SAG nomination for her performance and joined the cast to celebrate their win for Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series – Keeley is comfortable in candy pink pantsuits, hoop earrings from the bracelet size and her signature ponytail. With Temple soon to go into production for the third season of the Apple TV+ show, it’s only natural that the actor would borrow some of that glistening exuberance for tonight’s SAG Awards, starting with a chainmail Versace dress. golden mesh.

Temple with her fishtail in progress, courtesy of hairstylist Mara Roszak.

Courtesy of Mara Roszak.

“It’s not ‘less is more’, of course”, hairdresser Mara Roszak laughed, shortly after putting the finishing touches on Temple’s tousled fishtail braid. “But it’s never too much either. It still works. Theatrical glamor is something Temple does so well, says Roszak, describing the actor’s sense of adventure and acting. “The costume part is really fun to do with Juno because she enjoys fashion so much. Especially Versace, it’s so good for her. (Temple herself confirmed on the red carpet: “I wanted to go to fashion school, and Versace chainmail is something I’ve been fantasizing about since I was probably 14. And now I’m wearing one!”)

Roszak’s flagship products, including Wella’s textured paste and his hair oilplus metallic thread for a minimalist hair jewelry effect.

Courtesy of Mara Roszak.

The dress, a sculptural column with architectural shoulders, sowed the creative seeds of Roszak’s work. Prior to the event, she and an assistant toured notion stores in Los Angeles, including the hairstylist’s favorite international silks and wools. “They have a whole floor of different textures of ribbons, strings and threads,” she says of the woven gold rope and micro-thin thread she bought to have on hand for the improvisation at the time.

A detail of the yarn wrapped fishtail braid. The Versace chainmail dress, with its zipper in the back.

Courtesy of Mara Roszak.

Temple, of course, came with its own natural resources. “Juno just has this amazing wild mane,” Roszak says of the actor’s head full of curls. The hairdresser began by massaging in a few drops of Santa Lucia styling oil of its own line of products, RŌZ (pronounced Pink). “Curly hair can really take on moisture, and she’s blonde, even more so,” says Roszak, who followed that prep with a blowout and quick flat-iron swipes. It was all in preparation for a very Keeley move: a “super, super tight ponytail on top of her head—high, as at the crown. Instead of the actor’s usual back hairline, there was a little sleight of hand by way of a faux bang. “A slight Audrey, kind of Frenchy side-swept thing — really classic,” Roszak says of the hairpiece, which was customized on location to match Temple’s shade of blonde. The temporary change was deferential to filming for the upcoming season three (continuity with the hair being key) and reflected Temple’s own chameleonic approach. (“Well, I love ponytails in general,” the actor said. VF last summer. “So, actually, we used some of my personal clip-in ponytails like Keeley.”)

Sparkling moments at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

Courtesy of Mara Roszak.

To create the stunning braid, Roszak worked in a bit of Wella’s EIMI Matte Texture Paste-first to build the fishtail, then to deconstruct it, she says of the tousled, lived-in result. “With the shoulder pads on the dress, Juno could bulk up.” A slip of gel applied with a rat tail comb helped tame flyaways (without disturbing those which helped the halo effect).

The finishes naturally echoed the dress. A strip of gold rope, sewn together by Roszak into a makeshift cuff, clung the top of the ponytail, while thin gold thread bound the bottom edge of the fishtail. The bracelet wrapped around Temple’s left arm provided visual rhyme.

Temple, in its sculptural element at the SAG Awards.

By Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images.

Makeup also by the artist Chanel Kara Yoshimoto Bua, played on the ironwork of the evening. “I created a natural and chic palette, enhancing her look with a touch of golden liquid shadow on the inside of the eyes and the lid,” she explains of using Chanel’s clutch. . Ombré First Lacquer in Amber Gold, which she applied with a brush for a sheer wash. Alternatively, softened brown eyeliner terracotta blush and nude lip linerit was a lesson in refined understatement – to better let the radiant Temple shine.

RŌZ Santa Lucia Styling Oil

Wella EIMI Heavy Duty Texture Paste

Wella EIMI Pearl Styler styling gel

Wella EIMI Stay Firm Workable Finishing Hairspray

Chanel Ombre Premiere Laque Longwear Eye Shadow in Amber Gold

Chanel Volume Mascara by Chanel

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush jersey

Chanel Le Crayon Lèvres Lip Pencil in Natural Beige

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