Is this union of Gabrielle in water waves or an alien goddess from another planet? – See the video


There’s nothing quite like the look of cool water waves from the shower. I’ll do my makeup, detangle my hair, and add a hair product (or five), hoping it’ll look just as good in three hours. Maybe Beyoncé’s Renaissance the album will do because, on the face of it, Gabrielle UnionBey’s wet waves shine over Bey’s “I’m That Girl” melody.

The internet is currently buzzing with the latest set of Instagram photos from the Flawless by Gabrielle Union co-founder. Three messages followed one another and I almost couldn’t follow. The first set of still shots photographed by April Johnston were captioned with the words “Alien Guest Star”. On August 2, however, Union shared a music video in which she strokes her polished water waves into a deep side part. She’s landed her spaceship on the planet Mars and is rocking all the angles in a pastel green cutout dress with loose beach waves falling across her torso.

Union is, indeed, “That Girl”, as the lyrics of the song say. Along with wet look waves, a natural makeup complexion also came. Makeup artist Renny Vasquez kept her look minimal with an airbrushed finish, barely there lip color and a subtle touch to the bridge of her nose.

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