ITV I’m A Celeb Viewers Believe Richard Madeley Has Highlights In A “Thin Head Of Hair”


I haven’t even been a celebrity for a week … Get me out of here! and there’s been a lot of drama already – including Richard Madeley’s early release from the ITV series.

The presenter, best known for being one half of the Richard and Judy TV duo, was forced to quit the show just days after suffering a brief spell of illness and needing a hospital visit.

While Richard assured fans he was feeling fine, his medical check-up meant breaking the program’s strict Covid bubble – leaving him unable to return to camp.

During his brief time on the show, Richard wowed viewers and his fellow campmates, but it wasn’t just his wise jokes and jokes that caught people’s attention.

The TV star also sparked a debate on Twitter after fans noticed her hair was much blonder than before the show.

Viewers are convinced Richard made some highlights

In the past, Richard, 65, was known for his loose, brown hairstyle, but on the show he looks more like a lighter blonde shade.

While this could simply be due to getting older or spending time in the sun during the summer, some fans have come up with their own theory.

“Richard Madeley has great hair, doesn’t he? Do you think those are the highlights in there? One user speculates.

In response to the Tweet, another viewer said; “Definitely the highlights.”

“He’s after David’s shampoo approval deal,” another joked.

“Richard Madeley showing up in his top gun style bomber jacket with newly highlighted hair is such a Madeley thing to do. This will be the gold of television, ”adds a fourth.

Richard entering the castle I'm A Celeb
Fans of the show also loved his “top gun jacket”

Another viewer agrees while writing; “Richard has his hair specially highlighted for the show,” while posting laughing emojis.

Highlighted or not, you have to give it to him, Richard’s hair is in great shape and he’s been wearing the same hairstyle for years now – that’s dedication.

Richard's hair definitely looks lighter on the show
Richard’s hair definitely looks lighter on the show

Frankie Bridge

Another topic of discussion was Richard’s facial hair. A fan reported a strange issue with his beard during the first episode.

“Someone noticed that Richard suddenly had 3 days of facial hair from the taxi in Ant and Dec. He was clean shaven in the car,” they said.

Richard in the first episode of I'm A Celeb
Richard’s facial hair looked drastically different in the exact same episode

On Wednesday, November 24, Richard became the last celebrity to face a lawsuit, where he was tasked with winning meals for the entire camp in a challenge called Castle Kitchen Nightmares.

The TV star had 10 minutes to find 10 stars hidden in the lawsuit, including trying to pull them out of the rotten fruit and untie them from the tied rope.

Viewers of the show called the lawsuit “ridiculous” on Twitter, as many complained about how difficult it was for Richard to earn the stars.

Richard struggled to untie the knots and fans agreed the challenge was "hard"
Richard struggled to untie the knots and fans agreed the challenge was “difficult”

One tweet read: “The test shouldn’t be about how many knots you can untie! Ridiculously hard. One knot is all you need. Make it more doable and give them a chance #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity “.

Richard was then hospitalized on Thursday, November 25 as a precaution after falling ill on the set. And while he was sadly forced to retire from the show, we’re very happy to hear that he’s doing well.

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