Jennifer Aniston Snapped Wearing a Dress Worn by Courney Cox’s Monica in Friends…Two Decades Later!


Jime does not forget, even after more than two decades. And Jennifer Aniston probably didn’t realize that an innocuous photo with her hairdresser uploaded to social media was going to make a lot of noise.

The reason for the reaction? The dress that Aniston wore as she posed with her friend and hairstylist.

Chris McMillanthe hairstylist, posted a photo on social media that quickly caught the attention of avid Friends fans, all because of Anistonthe dress.

The garment was worn by his Monica, played by Courtney Coxin the season eight episode titled “The One Where Rachel Is Late”.

Aniston’s confession to “stealing” the dress from the Friends set

Aniston previously admitted to taking a dress from the set of the iconic TV series, and now fans have seen for themselves the one she has claimed as her own.

“I took a dress that Monica was wearing,” Aniston People said a while ago. “I went into his wardrobe and pulled it out, and I still have it and still wear it today. It still suits me.”

Friends: 10 seasons and 235 episodes

With 10 seasons and 235 episodes airing on NBC from 1994 to 2004, Aniston and coxswain starred in the series alongside Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer.


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