Just In: Nonye Udeogu has teamed up with The Belle Store for a must-see hair collection


Content Creator and Style Influencer Nonye Udeogu a.k.a @thisthingcalledfashionn, recently teamed up with a luxury hair brand The beautiful shop to unveil a tagged short hair collection Nasty.


The collection, set to launch on June 1, includes four short wigs inspired by Nonye’s shared personalities and moods. The four characters include ARI (like Ferrari), BARBZ (cute and feisty), VENICE (on the go), and JANELLE (extremely dangerous).

According to Nonye, ​​there is a story attached to every wig. For now, she has assigned distinct characteristics to her characters, ARI (like Ferrari) and BARBZ (cute and feisty). And will unveil the traits of other characters before launch day.

She wrote on her Instagram page:

Meet RARI (Ferrari) from the “SHORT HAIR COLLECTION”

It is elegant, bold and luxurious, just like the Ferrari. She lives in a fast lane and she’s an icon who kills in her own lane 💋🖤

PS: Do you all like Rari? It’s your daughter ? I’m obsessed with her, she’s part of what makes me ME!

For the second character, Nonye describes as:

Hi, I’m BARBZ 🥰

The closing villain 5 x 5 💕

I’m so cute, with an attitude. I can be nice but you don’t want to cross me. The ultimate Nicki Barbz! The blond print 💕

PS: what do my friends think of BARBZ? 👀


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