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Kim Kardashian looks like a Malfoy with XXL peroxide white hair


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“Avada Kedavra” might be TikTok’s favorite Harry Potter quote right now (IYKYK), but looking at Kim Kardashian’s new bleached blonde hair that debuted at Met Gala 2022, all I can imagine is Draco Malfoy saying “Potter” *emphasis on the P*. Just me? I thought so.

Now, with another photo surfacing on Instagram of Keeks’ hair, we’re traveling further down the Malfoy rabbit hole, in the best way possible, of course. With the way it’s looking, I think we’re gonna need to see a DNA result just to prove she’s actually a kardashians not the long-lost Malfoy sister.

Kim’s famous hairdresser, Chris Appletontook her hair from dark brunette to white blonde peroxide in less than 24 hours. And again, just in case you need more proof of what a hair magician is, Chris shared a photo on his IG feed of Kim sporting the new color but this time wearing hair extensions. extra long wavy hair.

mermaid waves are among the top three hair trends for summer 2022, after all.

The mom-of-four also shared exclusive snaps of the new style on her Instagram Story while getting ready for her son, Psalm’s third birthday.

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian - Instagram

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian – Instagram

As Kim pouts and works the camera, she says, “I missed the blonde Kimmy.” We too, my daughter. We just hope she’s here to stay.

If you too want to leave white blond for the next few sunnier months, beware of bleach breakage. They are a real thing, people, trust me. So if you have brown hair like Kim had before, we recommend calling your hairstylist for their professional advice – as Chris and Kim admitted, it was a long process.

And please, for God’s sake, don’t try to bleach your hair at home.

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