Kim Kardashian’s blonde bob is the shortest it’s ever been


Kim Kardashian and her peroxide blonde hair are the powerful duo Hollywood never thought it needed. Megan and Harry? J-Lo and Ben? Beyoncé and Jay-Z? No. They got nothing on Kimmy and her stunning platinum blonde highlights…just saying. Not convinced? Well, we saw streaky white mid-lengths, a nostalgic high school hairstyle and same a Rapunzel hair wrap all in the space of a month.

Pretty epic, right?

Now Kim has only gone and debuted another hairstyle, but this time it’s something we haven’t seen from her in a while. Let me introduce you: the blunt blonde bob. And yeah, before you question my judgment, she actually had a similar ‘not too long that she wore for her appearance on Today’s show in June. However, technically it was a lob (that’s a long bob, FYI).

Take a look and her new and improved cut below:

Kim Kardashian @kimkardashianinstagram

This hair news (!!) comes to us from Kim’s own Instagram story where she is seen posing alongside her sisters, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, as well as friends, Yris Palmer and Anastasia Karanikolaou (who was also formerly known as Stassie Baby).

And as you can see (well, that’s if you’re an eagle-eyed Kim K fan, as we are), it’s the shortest her locks have ever been. Previously, the lob reached shoulder length, but now the bob comes just past the chin.

Unaccustomed to short lengths, Kim works the cut with a few strands of hair while running her fingers over the final lengths. I mean, it’s only a natural post-drastic cut. However, reassure Keeks, because you are watching fabulous.

Is anyone else now tempted to get a few inches off thanks to this look? It’s summer, what better excuse than that!

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