Lily Collins’ Favorite Living Proof Hair Products


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You wouldn’t know it from the red carpet photos of Lily Collins’ beautiful brown hair, but the Emily in Paris the actress is all about keeping things low-key when it comes to her hair-care routine, she revealed in a recent interview with Hustle.

Given her busy schedule, Collins likes to keep her hair-care routine minimal and prefers to air-dry her hair rather than have her hair styled by a professional, she shared in the interview. As an ambassador for Living Proof, one of her must-have products is the Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo (Buy it, $30,, she said Hustle.

Dry shampoo is a spray designed to absorb dirt, oil and sweat from hair, delivering fresh, clean strands without a shower. It’s the perfect choice for days when you don’t want to wash your hair (or probably in Collins’ case, you don’t have time), but want a quick refresh and a boost to your look. The dry shampoo helps the 33-year-old actress take care of herself and her hair without taking too much time, which Collins admitted is important to her in the recent interview. (Related: The best post-workout dry shampoo options for super sweaty hair)

Another star product in her routine is the Living Proof Anti-Frizz Hair Oil (Buy it, $30,, which is a lightweight, fast-absorbing hair oil that helps eliminate frizz, improves shine and hydrates hair. A little dab of oil in her bangs, which Collins says are her favorite new addition to her look, helps keep them smooth and shiny.

Although the bangs may require a little extra work, it’s worth it for Collins. “Putting on a messy ponytail or bun with bangs creates a bit more of a look for me than without them because with them you feel like you’ve done something more,” she explained. . “It’s like a weird addition that all of a sudden feels a bit more sophisticated.”

Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge and get your bangs done, you can still take note of Collins and incorporate small acts of self-care into your routine. Whether it’s spritzing dry shampoo on your roots on a no-wash day or taking a few minutes to breathe, her understated approach to beauty is highly on point and simple enough to replicate with some of her favorite products, whether you can buy at Sephora today.


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