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Welcome to our guide “Pokemon Legends Arceus: how to unlock and change hairstyle?”. Hairstyles are one of the many ways you can create and represent yourself in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but how do you get them? This guide will help you.

Change hairstyle in Arceus

Throughout Arceus, you can change your hairstyle by going to the hairdresser in Jubilife Village and seeing Edith the hairdresser (later replaced by Azeru).
It will cost you ₽500 to enter the hairdresser, which is not too much, but you will not be able to examine the styles and colors available until you pay the price, whether you change your style or not .

Unlock new hairstyles in Arceus

There is a selection of basic haircuts in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but a few more can be unlocked by progressing through the story and fulfilling specific requests:

Azeru’s predicament

After completing Azeru’s Predicament, Azeru will inform the player that she has chosen to take over the hairdressers and brought new hairstyles. Mid and side parts are the only new styles available here, though reaching this point unlocks Azeru’s side requests, which slowly reveal more styles and colors.

Misdreavus the muse of hairdressing

After completing the main floor task Scale Perilous Heights, Azeru will ask you to complete Request 59. Explore the Ruins of Celestica or even the Stonetooth Rows in the Coronet Highlands to discover Misdreavus. You can also find one in the Icepeak cave in Alabaster Icelands.

Kirlia the muse of hairdressing

Azeru will ask you to perform Request 75, which requires you to capture and present a Kirlia to him. Explore Heart’s Crag or even Snowpoint Temple in Alabaster Iceland to locate Kirlia. You can also capture a Ralts and transform it into Kirlia.


The Sinnoh style is an additional ultimate hairstyle that players can obtain. To achieve this style, you must capture all Pokémon in the game and battle a Mythical Pokémon. We’re sure you can crack it, but we won’t reveal it for you, so complete the game and then sport the Sinnoh style in the post-game.

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