M’sian’s refund request was rejected after the hairdresser botched his hair


It’s a real shame that sometimes the people we trust with the things we hold dear, like our hair, betray that trust by making mistakes.

A Malaysian woman recently had a horrible experience with hair salon in Johor when they botched his hair cutting it unevenly, leaving an almost bald spot.

Go to the living room

According to the woman, she took a trip to the hair salon in KSL CITY Shopping Center to get her hair bleached, colored and cut for RM300.

It has been alleged that the haircut was freewho ended up being an advantage for the living room as they argued that it is impossible for them to refund a service they provided for free.

When the hairdresser was done with the lady’s hair, she realized that the darkest layer of her hair was uneven on both sides. Feeling uncomfortable, she asked the hairdresser about her haircut, to whom he explained that her hair looked like this because her hair on the left was thinner than her hair on the right.

“As it is the professional here, I believed him and went home.”

Become aware of the error

However, upon arriving home, the lady realized that it was not just the right side and the left side of her hair that were cut to different lengths. The tail of his wolf cup and other parts of her hair were also cut unevenly.

“They literally gave me this botak haircut and told me it was a wolf haircut lol,” she said.


She also realized that he didn’t make sense that the thickness of his hair kept him from being cut evenly.

Alarmed by the disastrous haircut, she immediately planned a session with her usual hairdresser. (She couldn’t go to this hairdresser sooner because they don’t provide a bleaching service.)

There she managed to save her haircutwhich left him just a problemthe a patch of super short hair on the left side of his head.

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Get a refund

Dissatisfied with the service received at the first salon, the lady requested a refund.

The living room agreed to help fix the lady’s hair if she returns within seven days. However, the lady was not interested because she had already had her hair done.


Then the living room offered to wash and dry her hair. The lady felt that hers was too not enough that the services offered wouldn’t be able to regrow his little part of her.

“How does washing and brushing the hair equal a wrongly cut lock of hair?”

Instead, she wanted at least a partial refund on the RM300 she paid for salon services.

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