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Hair serums help straighten your hair and are easy to apply.

We all grew up with images and photos of movie stars and models showing off their glorious manes in movies and commercials. In addition to long, luscious hair, many of us have fantasized about straight hair. The grace with which a large volume of hair falls straight has been the notion of beauty for many. Few of us are gifted with such hair, unfortunately most others have to deal with slightly wavy hair, which often looks downright weird immediately after a wash.

Now, in the past, the only way to get that straight, cascading hair was to visit a salon and spend a huge amount of money. Luckily, this all changed with the availability of a whole range of hair care products in the markets. A walk around the department store will show you plenty of hair serums from different brands that claim to do just that. The good thing about these serums is that they also provide other benefits – they fix frizzy hair, a condition in which they tend to make hair very curly and not at all smooth or shiny. They also help smooth the hair and therefore detangle it easily.

If you decide to try these products, then Amazon is a good place to start your search. We have selected some of these products. Check them out.

Livon Super Styler Serum for women and men for hair straightening

In addition to straightening hair, this serum also helps smooth and prevent breakage. This sulfate-free product helps you achieve salon hair, sitting in the comfort of your home. It gives smoother hair with every use, reducing styling time. Now show off your beautiful hair at college or at a family function or even on a regular office day and revel in the compliments that come your way. Regular use also results in five times less breakage. It also leaves hair smooth and frizz-free for up to 12 hours.

L’Oréal Professionnel Xtenso Care Serum For Straightened Hair

This is a nourishing serum that brings strength and shine to the hair. This serum is intended to act on your hair in several ways. It gives hair seven times stronger, it makes your hair four times more manageable and provides four times more hydration compared to a non-conditioning shampoo. The way to use it is to apply it to damp or dry hair and distribute it evenly from the lengths to the ends. Do not rinse your hair.

Streax Professional Canvoline Smoothing Post Care Hair Serum

This is a lightweight serum, specially formulated to help give chemically straightened hair. However, apart from that, it also helps in softening, smoothing, nourishing and hydrating the hair. It gives shine to the hair and has anti-frizz qualities. This serum also helps prevent breakage. It is enriched with nutrient-rich Baobab Oil and nourishing Vitamin E, which helps provide instant softness and shine, resulting in smooth hair.

Nuskhe By Paras Hair Serum For Straightening

This serum contains many benefits for the hair, among which is its ability to straighten the hair. Its use can result in smooth, dry and frizz-free hair that will no longer be unruly. It also helps lock moisture into the hair, which then makes it smooth and frizz-free. It boosts hair strength, thanks to the presence of naturally extracted oils such as argan oil and almond oil. It has a non-sticky formulation and hence the hair looks sleek and non-greasy. It is also designed to protect hair from heat during styling.

Spera Anti Frizz Hair Serum for hair straightening

In addition to smoothing the hair, this serum is designed to give it shine and has anti-frizz qualities. Argan oil, present in this serum, is what controls frizz and gives hair its luster and shine. It also tackles split ends, tames unruly hair and makes it much more manageable. People with natural or chemically treated hair may find this serum helpful.

Hair serum price for straightening at a glance:

Product Price
Livon Super Styler Serum for women and men for hair straightening 300.00
L’Oréal Professionnel Xtenso Care Serum For Straightened Hair 600.00
Streax Professional Canvoline Smoothing Post Care Hair Serum 280.00
Nuskhe by Paras Hair Straightening Serum 299.00
Spera Anti Frizz Hair Serum for hair straightening 199.00

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