Phoebe Dynevor Just Debuted the Fall 2022 Hair Trend: Full Italian Fringe


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Bridgerton star, Phoebe Dynevor only went and channeled her on-screen counterpart, Daphne Bridgerton, by getting full, wispy bangs. While her on-screen persona sports a Regency London vibe with eyebrow-grazing curtain bangs, Phoebe opted for something a little more IRL-ed. Dear readers and esteemed ‘Ton members, allow me to introduce you to the next hair trend for Fall 2022: full Italian bangs.

By now, everyone – and I mean everyone – should know the “Italian bobsleigh”. It’s been around since the ’60s, after all. But if you don’t, then fear not because that’s what we’re here for. The look is glamorous yet effortless. Think: thick, chunky layers, but with a wispy finish, like a short air-dried chop.

And more recently, Phoebe took this trend to the next level with her bangs. Not only her new bangs has a chic 60s-inspired look, but it also has body, movement and texture for an effortless feel. Oh, and even better? She made her debut while on vacation in Italy. Cue the summer FOMO in 3, 2…ah. See for yourself below:

Side note: if you only notice a color change, then let me introduce you to the ‘black-haired Phoebe era‘ which began in mid-July. However, we reckon her red hair could make a comeback thanks to the color of the season.

Watch this space, guys. We’re sure that alongside pumpkin spiced latte hair, the Italian aesthetic will be trending on TikTok in no time. Reservation for a cutlet ASAP.

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