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Pregnant hairdresser refuses to cut clients’ hair if they’ve had a Covid shot in bizarre attempt to ‘protect her family’


PREGNANT hairdresser controversially refuses to cut clients’ hair if they’ve had a Covid stroke, in a bizarre attempt to “protect her family.”

According to a Perth now report, the owner of Sweeney Todd Barber’s Shop in Bunbury, a port city in Western Australia, recently posted on Facebook to make the bizarre request.


Lockock said she had to do “what is best for my health and that of my family”Credit: Instagram / @ sweeneytoddbarbersshop
Abi Locock owns Sweeney Todd Barber's Shop, in Bunbury, near Perth


Abi Locock owns Sweeney Todd Barber’s Shop, in Bunbury, near PerthCredit: Instagram / @ sweeneytoddbarbersshop

She asked her clients to cancel their appointments, if they had received a Covid jab.

“For the clients I still see, I sincerely ask that if you have received the COVID vaccine, you can please cancel your appointment,” Abi Locock wrote.

“I am no longer comfortable facing people who have been vaccinated against COVID. ”

“I have to do what is best for my health and that of my family. I thank everyone for their continued support and it is with a heavy heart that I had to make this decision. “

His post received mixed responses; many have criticized Loock for “discriminating” against people who get vaccinated to protect themselves and others from a global pandemic.

“My mind is mind boggling,” commented one Facebook user.


“I just informed my husband and my son that maybe it is time for them to change hairdressers,” said another.

But others praised her for “standing firm against this tyranny.”

“You are a wise woman,” commented one person.

“It’s a nice thing to see people so awake and more concerned with their well-being regarding the spike protein,” said another.

Western Australia’s Health Minister Roger Cook was firmly in the first camp, saying the woman’s sentiment was “wrong on so many levels” and encouraging people to follow the science.

“We want people to support science, we want people to do what’s right for the community in Western Australia,” he said.

“Get vaccinated, make sure you can protect yourself, protect your family and the community.

“These ridiculous claims and people taking this extraordinary position are a distraction for the community.

“They are also dangerous in terms of attitudes.”

News of the controversial position comes as the Delta variant spreads across Australia, which has a largely unvaccinated population.

Yesterday there were more than 1,500 active cases in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia – out of more than 32,588 cases throughout the pandemic.

The worsening epidemic has forced the authorities to detain 14 million people.

To date, approximately 10,850,993 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered to Australian residents.

According to a ABC Report, the 40 million doses needed to fully immunize Australia’s adult population will be reached in early February next year, provided the rollout continues at the same pace.

Lockock's post drew both criticism and support


Lockock’s post drew both criticism and supportCredit: Instagram / @ sweeneytoddbarbersshop
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