Product locator, role of healthcare laundry in intellectual property, etc.


Take 5 minutes to catch up on Infection Control Today highlights for the week ending July 22.

Here are 5 highlights from TIC®it is wide coverage of the world of infection prevention and control. Everything from interviews with well-known thought leaders to news that infection control specialists and other healthcare professionals can use in their work.

Infection control today® Product Locator

Infection Control Today’s® Product Locator is a monthly column highlighting some of the latest cutting-edge technologies in the field of infection control.

The Role of Healthcare Laundry in Infection Prevention

Environmental sources of pathogenic organisms can sometimes be difficult to identify in a healthcare setting. A possible source of transmission is the laundry used, and failure to maintain strict attention to cleanliness can endanger patients and workers.

We need a revolution

Read about a white-haired woman, human being, and how infection prevention needs to transform.

Bug of the month: I may be rare, but you’ve known me for ages

Bug of the Month helps educate readers about existing and emerging clinically important pathogens in healthcare settings today.

Infection Prevention: A Collaborative Effort Between Patients, Healthcare Professionals and Family Members

Infection preventers are not alone, despite how the COVID-19 pandemic has often made them feel. They are a point in the patient’s triad – and the connections within the triad are vital to the patient’s outcome.


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